Saturday, 29 March 2008

after web 2.0

Web 2.0 is all about high-gloss buttons, reflecting logos, gradients and diagonal bars in corners. It is a trend and new sites are still coming online with this look. However, there's another trend slowly creeping in which will probably overtake web 2.0 in the near future. This is the retro / grunge look. Have look at this overview of some of these trendy new sites. Do it now. I'll wait...

Back again? Good. Now look at something in our own neighbourhood: Miss Jo's home page. Do you see what's happening here?
  • Retro-Vintage
  • Warm Color Palette
  • Rich and Organic Textures
  • Grunge-Retro Fonts
  • Rough Edges
  • Ornaments
  • Stains
It is web 3.0! Here we have Miss Jo, our foremost nostalgist, as a frontrunner for a new web trend! Nostalgia must be a sign of things to come...


Juf Jo said...

Thanks kees!
Once more im ahead of everyone by behind behind ;)

There is a general feeling of dissatisfaction with the modern world.
Its hard, shiny, plastic, loud, aggresive, money-centered, ideal-less, etc.
I notice this because of the people who feel attracted to the past and who join my Club Interbellum.

I've never liked sharp, fancy, cold websites, I want sites to look like books, a old table with lots of rubbish on it, old leaflets, etc.

Especially when the subject is history or something nostalgic, I want to get the idea I'm looking trough some old papers in the dark corner of a small shop or nosing trough the rubbish on a old victorian desk ;)

Down with anything modern!
Long live the past!

Hurrah for the Neo-traditionalist Revolution!

(juf jo now jumps on the table waving a flag about and singing a warrior tune)

Vincent said...


You can have your own opinion but there is no such "general" feeling at all.

I admire what you do and find it fascinating, but the attitude of lets ALL step back into the dark ages I really don't like and I find it rather foolish to be honest. Wether it's wrapped in a web 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 website.

Juf Jo said...

Well if you are looking for the signs you can see them in society today.
I hear these sounds everywhere, people longing for certain aspects of the old way of life.
People realise not everything was worse in 'the olden days'.
This is a general feeling I notice in the Netherlands, its there.

I never mentioned the Dark Ages, there is no such thing.
Even the era called 'the Dark Ages', was nowhere as dark, dirty or horrible as they teach us in the schools and movies.
All that Neo-Traditionalists say is that we should look at our past to find answers for problems in the present.
Look at our culture, traditions, history and find (back) your own identity.
I feel that a lot of things (not everything) were better in the pre ww2 years and that if we could take a few steps back in certain areas the world would become a better place.

As for websites, thats just a personal taste of course.

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