Wednesday, 12 March 2008

the car crash

At the shooting range tonight one of the guys, T., said goodnight to all and left. About two hours later my friend J. (who always gives me a lift to the range) got a call from T. He'd ran his car into a crash barrier at 120 km/h and was now in hospital for tests. Could we please go and tell his wife since she didn't pick up the phone? So, off we went in the middle of the night to the quaint village of Velsen-Noord, which is halfway to the arctic circle. T.'s wife was woken up and told to phone hubby on his mobile, which she did with lots of tears flowing. Until of course she found out that there was basically nothing wrong with him at which point she got sort of angry. That was the moment we decided to leave again.

31 Km from the range to Velsen

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Nicole said...

she was just in shock, people can react in odd ways sometimes, but thank god he's all right. He's very lucky to have survived 120kmph.