Wednesday, 26 March 2008

price per kilo

Whilst surfing aimlessly on the interwebtubes, I found Leon Brook's blog by accident. Leon is from Oz and in 2005 he wrote a blog entry on the price per kilo of some foodstuffs available in the Perth supermarkets. The list Leon produced is not only entertaining, but also thought provoking. He makes, for instance, the following observation:

It always surprises me that people will pay extreme rates for boring/everyday food, but flinch when it comes to paying the same or lower rates for exotica.
And then goes on to give a long list of examples. This inspired me to check the receipt I just got at Albert Heijn's an hour ago. The most expensive item (per kilo) on my shopping list is probably also one of the more expensive items in the shop. What is this exotic food you may ask. This:
16 grams (two boxes) for € 1.77 or € 110.63 per kilo.

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Nicole said...

That stupid, little box it comes in costs 30,000 times more to produce than the cheap contents. They should just put these mints into bins and let you scoop them out at 3 cents per kilo, that's all they're worth.

My mum was outraged at the market the other day at grapes which I buy, they cost $6.99 per kilo, fair enough, there are cheaper ones, but these grapes were fantastic and even thought a bit pricey, I still buy them because they're good. She said she would NEVER pay for those grapes no matter how good they are, and yet her handbag, the car glove compartment and the kitchen counter are never without a packet (or two) of those sminty Rucola-type lollies. Just wait until I report your findings to her per kilo.