Monday, 17 March 2008

St. Patrick's Day

I abstained this year apart from wearing a green fleece sweater. Nobody noticed... In other news: all the smurfs at Albert Heijn are gone. Today the supermarket chain declared that all 29 million smurfs they were giving away are now all gone. 29 million smurfs... I've only got one, which makes me a smurf pauper in Holland as I should have 1.77 smurf on average.


Juf Jo said...

I only got one character as well, Gargamel!
It made me very happy but the plastic toy was too modern for my house so I gave it to a little kid who then got a bit upset because he didnt like scary Gargamel.
That made me even more happy ;)

And yes, I didnt do anything about paddy's day either.
I guess im losing some of that Mulligans virus.

Nicole said...

Were they real Smurf action figures? Like the ones I have that are made of a hard rubber, or was it an AH plastic version?

Vincent said...

We want a photo of your smurf Kees! LOL

Juf Jo said...

Vincent thats a disgusting remark!
hahahaha ;)

Nicole said...

I'll show you my Smurfs if you show me yours.