Wednesday, 19 March 2008

time travel

I've just been reading the wiki of the International Association of Time Travelers. Anybody feel like doing Geert Wilders? Or would SilverFox316 intervene again? Speaking of Wilders: most of the gobshite that dribbles out of his mouth is racist and hate-inciting IMHO. This is punishable under Dutch law, but the Public Prosecution Office is dragging their feet bringing him to court. If he got convicted, he'd just be another criminal, go to jail and we could ignore whatever he's saying. Maybe we should ignore him even if he doesn't go to court. Anyway, next saturday there's a big anti-Wilders demonstration called for on the Dam in Amsterdam at 13:00h. The Committee of Approval (Comite van aanbeveling) for this demonstration reads like a Who's Who in the Netherlands.


Juf Jo said...

There a are a few people on that list I would like to demonstrate against.

Vincent said...

I strongly disagree with Geert's views. I don't believe he's personally attacking anyone though so charging him with racism is going to be tough.

In a democracy every person has the right to have these views and luckily they can say what they think, even Geert. The moment people are not allowed to openly speak their mind your democracy is gone.

The best we can do is to give him as little fuel as possible and let him be alone with his little issues.