Tuesday, 22 April 2008

the allotments

Photos are now located at my Flickr account, which means that downloads should be faster and larger sizes are under the thumbnail for those who have bad eyesight.

I walked part of the way to work again this morning. Around the corner the street was dug up for -what I hope- is the fibre optics they'll be connecting to the home. Once that's done I'll be able to get up/download speeds of 100 Mb/s symmetrical. A better deal than the 10/1 Mb/s ADSL service I have now.

fibre to the home?

The water around the Watergraafsmeer had a leaden quality with the sun still low.


At the corner of Hugo de Vrieslaan and the Nobelweg there's an artwork in the water. It was probably bought from a scrapdealer in East Germany after the wall came down...


Maxwellstraat looks like a peaceful place to live in. Looks deceive, though, since it is one the busiest streets in the 'hood for cars going from Amstelstation to Middenweg.


One of the houses on Maxwellstraat has a wireframe flowerbasket of Santa's reindeer complete with sled. I've never seen any flowers in it.

Rudolph in wireframe

Traffic started to get heavier at the corner of Middenweg and Kruislaan. This is where I stopped walking and took the bus for the remaining trip. It is roughly 2 km from home to here, and I've noticed that this about the maximum distance I can walk now before my foot starts to hurt. Hopefully I'll be able to drive that distance up in the future with more practice. If not, I'll have to talk to an orthopedic surgeon to see what they can do; maybe take the remaining ironworks out of the foot?

the buck stopped here.

The entrance to work. The copper thing in the corner is a leftover from an old experiment.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

On the way back from work I walked a bit again. This is the 'volkstuinen' (allotments) at Frankendael. It looks very bucolic, but is in the middle of Amsterdam.

Bob Ross: maybe there's a little tree living there...

One of the allotment sheds on Frankendael. The owner wrote something philosofical on the side. It is a quote from a poem by Bert Schierbeek.

Hoe, als je je met zorgeloosheid kon omringen, en dat dat je ruimte was.
How, if you could surround yourself with unconcern and that that would be your space.

Another allotment shed on Frankendael. The builder here didn't believe in using a level.

Try hanging a painting on that wall.

After all the walking today I was hungry. Actually so hungry my hands were shaking while I was preparing dinner. Luckily it was an easy meal: sushi and a smoked mackerel salad.



Vincent said...

That crooked shed could actually be on purpose maybe?

Rudolph is only meant to be lit up when it's dark I think. There ain't no flowerbasket action there...

Nicole said...

I love that bronze sphere thing in front of your work. I also wish I could send you sushi from here. They have sushi places all over town and they sell fantastic hand rolls, abut 10cm long for $2, that's about 1.20 Euro. Even bums can eat really well here.