Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chapeau in Maxwell

A quiet day today; I managed to run four loads through the washing machine before it was time to retreat to the Maxwell terrace. The sun was shining and Ed's band 'Chapeau' was going to play at 16:00.

Chapeau; Ed is in the back with the white shirt.

Ed's wive Margôt joined Ali who came over for a drink.

Ali and Margôt.

Kimber is one of the cute waitresses in Maxwell's. They have a talent there for hiring nice girls. I have a talent for spotting them...


I left early since I've got to go to the hospital tomorrow morning for my three-monthly glucose-level bloodtest. No food and drink 12 hours before the tests...

BTW, more photos of Chapeau are in my Flickr set.


Vincent said...

I thought I recognised Ed, never spoke with him in Mulls though. I recognise his wife too now.

Good to see Ali's out and about :-)

Nicole said...

What fun! I especially loved seeing Alie! Must send her some snail-mail soon.