Thursday, 24 April 2008

Colours of the Watergraafmeer

The weather wasn't very good this morning; overcast and a threat of rain. I walked down Retiefstraat, and turned right at Steve Bikoplein towards the Ringvaart.

Walking down Retiefstraat.

In Laings Nekstraat somebody didn't like someone else's mother.

public announcement.

When you look across the Ringvaart you can clearly see the difference in level between Amsterdam proper and the Watergraafsmeer (minus 4 m).

Looking across the Ringvaart into Watergraafsmeer.

I turned right onto the Middenweg, where I caught the #41 bus to the Kruislaan.

The Middenweg.

On Kruislaan 300 there's a nice little farmhouse, St. Anna's Hoeve. It is now being remodelled as a visitor centre for the new Beta Sciences Faculty of the University of Amsterdam

Kruislaan farm.

The Beta Science building is right next to the farm, and across from where I work.

UvA Beta Sciences Faculty.

Nicole seems to like science porn, so here goes...

For Nicole.

All the walking I've done over the last week has taken its toll on my left ankle and foot. It hurts like mad. A few people (and a medical doctor) said to me "why don't you take the bicycle? It gives less stress on the foot and ankle."

So I borrowed one of the two Nikhef bicycles to take home today, just to see what the effect would be.

I made it to the corner of Kruislaan and Middenweg. 1500 meters... My heart was pounding in my chest, my balls ached from the crummy saddle and the calves of my legs were burning. The bike had ripped off one of the straps of my Crocs and I'd cut my finger on a sharp piece of metal somewhere. I gave up and parked the bike at the bus stop, sat down for about 15 minutes, got my breath back and then walked home. I'll pick the bike up tomorrow morning, but I might walk it in...

Indeed, less stress on foot and ankle, but lots more stress on the rest of my anatomy!

The yellow Nikhef bike. This is the girly bike since the saddle on the men's bike was too high for me. The bell doesn't work either.

At the other side of the Ringvaart there are a few nice looking restaurants which I might try one of these days.

Along the Ringdijk.

Crossing the bridge coming out of the Watergraafsmeer I noticed the weird colours and tried to make a photo of it. I think I succeeded.

Colours of the Watergraafsmeer.

Next to the Hema on Linnaeusstraat there's an Indonesian take away toko. I bought portions of Gado-gado, Babi Ketjap, tempeh and mihoen noodles. Enough for two days.

Toko Sukabumi.

Around 22:00 I went for a little whiskey at Maxwell's.

The Maxwell tap, mirror polished.


Nicole said...

I really do like that copper thing in front of your work, it looks like something you guys secretly make "moonshine" with.

What a contrast between that farm-house and the ugly new building. It's sad that nobody builds with bricks any more.

And about the bicycle horror ride. You really need a good bicycle that's made for you. I don't mind cycling but I still prefer to walk, I don't like the speed, I like to see things around me and you have to focus too much on other things while cycling. I wanted a tri-cycle once, but Vincent said it was for people with disabilities. I still wanted one because they looked far more pleasant to navigate.

Vincent said...

Oh no! Don't give up on cycling! So many things went wrong. When was the last time you cycled before this ordeal? Nice photo's again :-)

Kees said...

@ vincent
The last time I was on a bike was about 20 years ago. The next time will be when my coffin is brought to the grave by bicycle hearse after the world's fossil fuel runs out.