Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Commando March 2008 Scotland

Sub-zero temperatures, horizontal snow and sleet, whisky and haggis, about 30 guys marching 7 miles up- and downhill with 30 kilos of kit on their backs, wearing WW2 uniforms: Commando March 2008 in Scotland.

No 10 Commando 2 (Dutch) Troop forming up on the parking lot of the Commando Hotel in Spean Bridge together with elements of No 10 Cdo 6 (Polish) Troop, No 10 Cdo 3 (X) troop, No 3 Cdo and RAF Servicing Cdo. The 1st Btn US Rangers were still asleep.
Waiting for the US Rangers at Achnacarry Castle. On the left CSM Peter Scally talking to the Laird, Chief of Clan Cameron, in the maroon car. The Laird graciously allows us to use the grounds of Achnacarry Castle every year.
Marching from the castle down the driveway. Even though the Rangers had some hints on which foot to put forward (your left, your left) they still managed to look like they were going for a walk instead of a march. Marching towards the Caledonian Canal. Behind the Commandos the 1st Btn US Rangers are visible.
The scenery in this part of the western Highlands is beautiful.
The view is breathtaking; so is walking uphill. The group of ants on the right is the marching column.
Wreath laying ceremony at the Commando Memorial. CPL Louis Blonk giving the salute on behalf of No 10 Cdo 2 (Dutch) Troop.
No 10 Cdo 2 (Dutch) Troop at the Spean Bridge railway station with two members of No 10 Cdo (X) Troop from Switzerland: Carl Gustav Maz (left) and Patrick Schlencker (kneeling).
Just to prove I was there too. At the Commando Memorial with the members of No 10 Cdo 2 (Dutch) Troop and -third from the right- Pvte Leslie Whipps, 85 years old and veteran of No 9 Cdo 2 Troop 1940-1945. Mr. Whipps marched the seven miles with us for the third year in a row. The other participants were -left to right- Bart Meeuwisz, Rob Meeuwisz, Yours truly, Huub ter Horst, Patrick van der Vegt and to the right of Mr. Whipps, Louis Blonk and Teun Mul.
More photos and films will be in my photo gallery as soon as I have it all processed.


Juf Jo said...

Great photos, wish I was there.
Welcome back.

Danny said...

Good to have you back,

Vincent said...

Dat ziet er goed uit daar. Ik zie dat jij ook nog een "oude versie" Mulligans wooly hebt? Ik heb de mijne meegenomen, zijn er nog heel erg weinig van over geloof ik.

Krijgen we ook Kees nog in uniform te zien?