Wednesday, 23 April 2008

giving blood

All photos on Flickr are now geotagged, so you can see on the map where they're taken.

The weather was great this morning, so I did some (desperately needed) washing which I could hang outside to dry. I just hate the smell of washing detergent coming from a drying rack in my livingroom. It gives me a headache.

The view from my window, direction Beukenplein.

After lunch at 13:00 I left home to go the bloodtransfusion service. I'm a donor, but I hadn't given any blood lately since I was diagnosed with diabetes II. Now that I'm more or less regulated as far as medication is concerned I went again to have a talk with their doctor to see if I could give blood again.

I decided to walk through Oosterpark to catch the #22 bus to the Scheepvaartmuseum.

Lovers in Oosterpark.

Once I got off of the bus, I saw this cruise ship at the Passenger Terminal. These things are immense!

Cruise ship at the Passenger Terminal.

The Red Cross (Sanguin) building.

After the normal pulse counting and bloodtests I had a talk with the doctor. She was happy to let me give blood. And so I did.

Dripping ABPOS.

After the vampire trick I walked to Waterlooplein, had a look around the flea market and then crossed the bridge to Staalstraat.

Looking into Staalstraat.

Looking towards Mulligans on the Amstel.

I walked through the Binnengasthuis area, over Grimburgwal towards the Spui.

Kalverstraat wasn't very busy.

I made a quick visit to the Begijnhof, thinking I could sit down for a few minutes but the area is now closed off for non-resident and tourist scum.

Slegts vir ouwe vrouwlike blankes.

So, instead of basking in the sun in the Begijnhof I bought some books at the ABC bookstore on Spui, and then crossed the road to say hello to Siard at Hampe's music store.

Siard in his natural habitat.

I made my way to Rembrandtplein, where I sat on the James' Gate terrace and read in one of my newly acquired books. When the sky was getting a bit grey I decided it was time to go home, so I walked down Utrechtsestraat towards the Frederiksplein.


At Frederiksplein my foot started to hurt, tram #7 arrived and it started to rain all at the same time, so I hopped on the #7 and got off at the OLVG. When I walked towards home it was just a drop here and there.

Maritzstraat looking towards Krugerplein.

I managed to get the dry laundry inside before the rain really started, which was about a minute after I had closed the balcony door behind me... Dinnertime had arrived as well, so I had a nice Teriyaki Beef Salad.

Beef teriyaki salad.

Total distance walked today: 5.5 km. But it took me all afternoon...


Juf Jo said...

That corner of the Oosterpark is where my dogs always run to, they like scaring birds and eating the bread people leave there.

Nicole said...

What wonderful adventures you have! I am not surprised that the Begijhof is now closed off. The people who live there must have finally had enough. I don't blame them. I used to love spending a bit of time there in their lovely courtyard, but some of the utterly disrespectful tourists used to amaze me as well.

Vincent said...

Zo, eindelijk afgesloten. Begrijpelijk. Ben blij dat ik er vaak ben geweest, ook in het kerkje.

Mooie foto's weer Kees. Amsterdam heeft veel mooie plekken.

Is de fontijn op Frederiksplein al weer aan het spuiten?