Tuesday, 22 April 2008

monday at mulligans

This morning I decided to walk to work, or at least see how far I could get before collapsing.


I walked past the Oosterpark and the Dappermarkt until I got to the Muiderpoort Station.


The bicycle owners at the station had thrown up a barrier, so I got on the #40 bus there.

bicycles at Muiderpoort station

At lunch time the weather was still excellent, so I sat out on the terrace with my collegues.

lunch at work

Sometimes the work is too much and collegues have to be restrained before going postal. It was actually an excercise for the first aid group at work to see how you evacuate a wheelchair-bound person down the stairs.

too much hard work...

After work I got out of the tram a few stops early and walked past the Stivale d'Oro. They were still closed and the familiy was having dinner. They opened the door for me though and I made this photo of them. They send their best wishes to Nicole and Vincent!

the family at Stivale d'Oro

I met with Collins and we had dinner at the Meghna Indian restaurant

Collins at Meghna

Then off to Mulligans to meet the monday crowd which was meeting again for the first time in a few months.

Anna at Mulligans
Ali at Mulligans
Jon, Danny and Marion joined us
and finally Jane.

Oh, and the add this button is removed to stop Vincent from blowing his brains out due to high blood pressure...


Nicole said...

What a great post to wake up to! Amsterdam is lovely when the weather co-operates. Wonderful sights of orange market flags and bicycles casually thrown around the street!

The "astro-geek-factor" at your work is like, times infinity! I thought they were testing some space flight module.

That photo at Stivale D'Oro is the best!!! They are such fun people. We really miss going there. I want them to open Stivale D'Australia here. I must send them a postcard to say hi.

Mulligan's looked fun! It's so wonderful to see all the familiar faces. They seem to have made it through the winter okay.

(By the way, your camera flash is impressive. It takes beautifully lit photos, even in Mulligan's.)

Kees said...

@ Nicole,
When I told the Stivale family I was taking photos for the blog and that you were reading it, they were immediately asking how you were doing and "when are you coming back?"

I told them you'd emigrated and they looked sort of disappointed... Maybe you should convince them to open Stivale d'Oz. I think Jacobo and Bep (the thin girl) want to open their own restaurant. Maybe in Adelaide?

The flash is indeed not bad for a €99 camera.

Vincent said...

Lovely images of lovely people and places. How nice that the Stivale's still remember us, they are such nice folks. Photo's from Mulligans are also very cool. I love to see what goes on inthere.

The nice waitress is called "Bep"???

Thanks for removing that links-bar btw, I appreciate it a lot :-)