Sunday, 20 April 2008

nam prik

Marion had invited me to come to the zoo today where she would be giving a tour. I declined, since I had already done that particular tour and wanted to do the other one which I hadn't done yet. Also, I thought the weather wouldn't be that nice. I was wrong. The weather was beautiful. Warm and sunny. So, in the afternoon I walked to Beukenplein to take the sun on Maxwell's terrace. I came past Populierenweg, where I noticed all the houses had been painted lately. In pink. It must be the only place in Holland where you can see a row of pink houses.

pink houses on the Populierenweg

The terrace at Maxwell was extremely busy; half the neighbourhood was basking in the sun.

the Maxwell terrace was busy

Parked in front of the Thaicoon restaurant was this lovely old Citroën Traction Avant. I could see it from my table in the restaurant and noticed that every man walking past turned his head to look at it.

a beautiful old lady

The food was excellent, as usual. I had a Penaeng Kai Curry. This dish probably orginated in Malaysia, but is now part of Thai cuisine. It is chicken with a spicy peanut sauce.

Penaeng Kai Curry

Halfway through the dinner the waiter brought me some Nam Prik Makhua Yao to try with my rice. Nam Prik is the Thai answer to Indonesian sambal and the waiter knew I like spicy food. The Nam Prik is not on the menu, so I never had it before. The variety they gave me was made with aubergine and tasted really nice in combination with the rice.

Nam Prik Makhua Yao

Gewoon Eten & Meer is a shop where Nicole used to buy food sometimes. It was closed today, but I had a look in the window. They had some coffee I had never heard of which comes from Napels and fortune cookies, which I'd never seen in Amsterdam before. I thought you could only get those in the USA.

coffee & fortune cookies

Another thing in the window that I'd never seen before was black toilet paper. At €11.50 for four rolls I thought it was a bit expensive… They seem to sell it in more colours as well. They don't have brown, though, for some reason.

black toilet paper?


Nicole said...

I love your posts when you go out and do stuff. The pink houses are looking good. It might be just the answer to brighten things up during the more grey months.

It looked like a beautiful Sunday! I can't believe Gewooon put toilet paper in their window. I'm not sure I can agree that this is a good move for a shop that sells food items. AND believe it or not, I was at someone's house many years ago and this lady (a friend of my mum's) had brown toilet paper!!! I have never forgotten this. I still remember it and wonder what on earth they were thinking! The people who made it AND the people who bought it.

This Thai restaurant you go to seems to be one of them ore authentic ones. That will be one for the list when we visit.

Vincent said...

Pink? Looks more beige to me hoor! Nice photo's nevertheless :-)

Juf Jo said...

The Citroën Traction Avant, most beautiful car ever.
One day I will sell my soul (again) to have such a car.

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