Friday, 25 April 2008

olive oil soap

I walked past the East-German Soyuz sculpture this morning and noticed it has an access gate. I wondered why you would want to get near or why somebody would want to close it off.


The Military Police (Marechaussee) barracks on Kruislaan had a cherry tree in blossom.

KM cherry tree.

Cherry tree close-up.

The cherry tree is only 100 meters from where I had left the yellow bike yesterday, so I got on the contraption and drove it to work. I had fortified myself for the ordeal by taking 400 mg of Ibuprofin last night and the same amount again this morning. As a result I had no pain whatsoever. If I keep cycling I'll probably end up hooked to painkillers, so —as I already told Vincent— the next bicycle I'll find myself on will be the one that carries my coffin after all fossil fuel is used up.

It was a quiet day at the office.

Even the cosmic ray detection set-up seemed to have died. The red cosmic ray track never moved.

Science porn.

I left early and, since the sun was out in full force, went to the Dapperstraat market to buy sunglasses.


Walking through the Oosterpark I saw the ice-cream pyramid had opened. This is the first time this year I've seen it open.

The pyramid.

This guy was singing songs to someone buried in the park.

Stop singing and dig me out!.

Dinner at Thaicoon. I had Nua Yang Cheun-Chim (BBQ beef slices served on a bed of lettuce with chilli sauce). Very spicy and very good.

Nua Yang Cheun-Chim.

At the Ekodis supermarket I wanted to buy Dr. Bronner's soap, but they didn't have any. I bought a 250 gr. piece of olive oil soap from Aleppo (Syria) instead. This stuff has been handmade by Arab child-slave labour for over a 1000 years and smells really nice.

Olive oil soap.


Danny said...

too bad about the bike ordeal. maybe you can persuade nikhef to get one of those hybrid bikes with a proper seat you can lean into. all in the interest of science, of course. why does a company keep such crummy bikes anyway?

Kees said...

@Danny: These are the loan bikes, meant for short trips into town to do shopping or such. Basically they're old junkers that nobody would mind if they got lost or stolen.

Nicole said...

"...East-German Soyuz sculpture...I wondered why you would want to get near or why somebody would want to close it off..."

I'd get on there with a circular saw just to cut that hideous thing down and sink it in the water so its ugliness would stop polluting the beautiful nature around it. Holland does this a lot, where they ruin perfectly adorable bits of nature with the ugliest "art" I've ever seen. Prime example is on the Churchilllaan just before the lovely sculpture of Ghandi, someone put up "art" that resembles a leaning, metal goal post. It's tragic. There are many more examples but I can't think about them now because it's not good for my blood pressure.

Stunning weather in Amsterdam at the moment, I'm very happy for everyone because I know what a long wait that is.