Monday, 21 April 2008

questions to the readers

A few questions: do you just look at the photo thumbnails or do you click through to see the larger version? Is the speed at which the photos appear good enough or too slow? I now host the photos at my own server where I've only got a 1 Mb/s upload but since I've got myself a 'Pro' account with Flickr the other day I could host the photos there. On my server I've got the photos in a 1024x768 size; on Flickr I could have them in the largest size, so you could -at wish- see more detail. What do you say?


Nicole said...

I generally don't click to enlarge unless it's something I'd like to see in greater detail. The one thing I did enlarge was that beautiful photo of your square when it snowed.

I don't have problems with the blog loading. I suppose it could be faster if the photos were smaller, but I can't say that it bothers me enough to mind.

Gerrit said...

When I click on a picture to see the large version the response is very fast. The size is ok with me.

Vincent said...

Please remove that annoying bookmark toy-bar right above the comments link. It only opened unwanted on me 5 times and my blood pressure is insane right now, pwetty please?

I never really click on the photo's as that's not why I look at them.