Sunday, 20 April 2008

timeo Danny et dona ferentes

Saturday I went to Mulligans where I hadn't been in a long time. I walked to Beukenplein to get some money from the hole in the wall and, since the weather was nice, decided to walk through the Oosterpark to the Royal Institute for the Tropics (KIT) to take the tram.

the Oosterpark was emptytram #9 had left and the #14 was late.Once I got to the KIT, the tram had just left, so I walked on past Artis.
I have taken this route for more than 20 years and, looking from the tram, always wondered what this artwork was. To me it always looked like a fallen dragon, but it is actually represents a reclining figure and refers to the death by firing quad of the sculptor Gerrit van der Veen on 10 June 1944. He led a counterfeiting group and took part in the attack on the population registry.
Wat doe jij, nu je land wordt getrapt en geknecht... What will you do now, now that your country is kicked and enslaved... text on the monument by Gerrit van der Veen
Near Plantage Kerklaan I started to get a bit of pain in my left foot, so I took the tram to Rembrandtplein. In Mulligans nothing had changed:
Sean was still working the bar and insulting everybody.Around 20:00 the bar was still quite empty.
Danny didn't make it to Mulligans until 22:30 when the whole bar had turned into a madhouse with both the Tennessee Studs Fanclub and a stag party from the Hague.
She did bring me a gift, which is also proof she reads my blog...Hmmm.... yummie.... Danny also had a new T-shirt.

In other news

Two accidents happened this week. Danny had just been to the bloodbank for her donation when her bicycle was grabbed by a car. The shock of being almost run over (and the blood loss) caused her to nearly faint. She had to sit on the pavement for 15 minutes to gather herself. Some bystanders sat with her. (shouldn't that be bysitters?) Nothing was damaged, though. Both Danny and the bicycle are fine. She ought to be blogging this herself, since she has a blog where she hasn't written a single word since january!

The other accident didn't have such a happy ending: Alex had a motorcycle accident on Thursday.

photo of the crash from the AT5 news website

Alex was hit by a truck, and was under observation in hospital until Saturday night. He can't remember much of the accident, except seeing the truck coming for him and then waking up in the ambulance. He has a contusion in both his right lower leg and one of his ribs and a dislocated right shoulder. He's home again, walking with crutches. Here is his story in Dutch:

Verhaal op AT5 klopt niet helemaal, was beton wagen allang voorbij. Ik reed op de linker rijstrook en ben volgens mijn beleving geraakt door de de uitzwenkende achterkant van een andere vrachtwagen die vanaf de bushalte de rechter rijstook opreed. Vanaf het moment dat ik viel ging bij mij het licht uit en dat ging weer aan op het moment dat ik in de ambulance lag.

Eindresultaat is dat ik tot zaterdagavond ter observatie in het ziekenhuis heb gelegen met een gekneusde rechteronderbeen, rechterrib en een rechterschouder die uit de kom is geweest. Alles is nog wel een beetje stijf maar als ik de beelden zie en voor al zie waar m’n motor geeindigd is, heb ik ontzettend geluk gehad. Huppel onder tussen weer vrolijk rond met behulp van een kruk.


Vincent said...

Shocking dat Danny al zolang niet op haar blog heeft geschreven!

En ook wel shocking dat Alex van z'n sokken is gereden ;-)

Nicole said...

Oosterpark looks lovely.

Sean needs a haircut again.

You should get everyone you know to buy up all the Euro Shopper muesli that's left.

What a shock to hear about Danny and Alex. What a relief that they're both okay, one a bit more than the other... but yeah... how scary.

This post was great, it was really super to see familiar places and faces!

Marion said...

Alex took the tour at Artis with me today. He's doing ok I think. Although at the end I think he got a little tired but was too much being the tough guy to admit it *grin*

I'll see Danny in an hour or so. Did not know about her accident. I'll tell her to blog again, at least let her friends know she's still alive :D