Wednesday, 2 April 2008

toy camera

Marion was in dire need of a new camera; her old one was the size and weight of a good sized brick and could only shoot 3.2 Mpix. I spied a little Pentax Optio E40 in the window of the photoshop around the corner where they were selling it for only €99.- That's a good price; in the webshops it sells for about €89.- without P&P. In fact, it's such a good price that I bought one for me as well. My Nikon SLR is too big to lug around all the time and my mobile phone's camera is crap. This E40 only weighs 175 grams and is 94x61x23mm; small and light enough to fit in a coat pocket and have it with you all the time. It has 8.1 Mpix, so in that respect it will do the trick too. Obviously, when I buy something there must also be something wrong with the item. It took a while to find it, but Eureka! I've found it! One of the shooting modes is called "frames" where you can automagically add a frame around the picture you shoot. I wonder how many bottles of sake the designer of this feature had drunk before he decided to add this monstrosity to the camera's software... Here's an example (fainthearted people, please look away now!):

The photo is of the E40's manual


Marion said...

OMG!! I haven't seen that yet! this is funny :))

Vincent said...

Just admit that this frame is THE only reason you bought that camera ;-P

Nicole said...

That's what happens when features are designed by the same people who brought you PowerPoint and MS clip art.