Tuesday, 15 April 2008

walking home

Celebrating the fact that today I went through the 10% barrier (I lost 10% of my body weight) I walked home most of the way from work. I took the bus to the corner of Kruislaan and Middenweg, thinking of catching the #9 tram to go into town. The weather was so nice I decided to walk a tramstop or two. On my way I passed the Wong Koen Chinese Restaurant on Middenweg and noticed their lovely 1970s computer readable sign. One way or another I just kept on walking until I got to the HEMA on Linnaeusstraat where I bought some socks and T-shirts (I take XL now, not XXL). I then decided I needed a drink so I headed towards the Beukenplein where the terrace at Maxwell's was open and had a Diet Coke. I then crossed the road to the Ferrara Pizzeria where the owner, Firkit, had just changed the menu. He now has a new pizza, the Salerno. The toppings are feta cheese, egg, spinach, paprika (capsicum) and a lovely peppery turkish garlic sausage called sucuklu. Yummie... Coffee afterwards and then home.

Pizza Salerno
All in all I walked about 3 km after work, something I hadn't done in over 10 years. I felt good doing it, so I'll probably do it again when the weather permits. Oh, and I had to punch a new hole in my belt when I got home...

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Nicole said...

What a lovely way to spend some time after work!