Saturday, 24 May 2008

2,372,807 MySpace friends

Steven Levy writes in an article for the Washington Post about the phenomenon of social network friends. He gives the example of comedian Dane Cook who has 2,372,807 MySpace 'friends.' The senior vice president of MySpace has 2,965 entries in his friends list, including a potatoe...

He quotes Clay Shirky: "Instead of 'friend,' it might be better to say, 'I'm linked to you.'"

My list of Hyves friends has presently 51 people and no potatoes. I only follow about 5 people on that list and I'm sure there are not many more that follow me on this blog. Maybe that is why I spend more time here than in Hyves and point from Hyves to this blog. This blog and the blog roll just feels more alive than all those Hyves 'friends.'


Nicole said...

Social networking does nothing for me. I have blatantly refused invites and friends urging me to join MySpace, FaceBook, Hyves, Friendster and everything in between.

I like keeping my blog, first and foremost, as what it is, a photographic diary for myself and the friends and family who like to see what I'm up to. All the extra people who come by are a bonus and it has been good to meet them and learn about their lives through their own blogs and what not.

I don't think that social networking offers that kind of personal interaction or is in any way thought provoking, it seems more apt at serving as an online agenda for appointments and meet-ups.

I am glad you have this blog because it's interesting, informative, entertaining and educational and it makes me feel like we're not that far. Instead of exchanging our daily grievances and experiences at the pub I can still interact here. It's good.

Vincent said...

I really don't like Hyves and the like and invites for those websites end up in my bin faster than light.

I have a couple of blogs I follow, like Nicole, and I enjoy reading those very much. It's much more "live" than any of those social networking sites.

Why do you even still have your Hyves account? ;-P