Saturday, 10 May 2008


Renate and I went to the Archeon today. Even though it was a Viking event we went as tourists so I could make some photos while Renate had to distribute the Viking magazine 'Íþróttir' that we make. The weather was beautiful.

One of the houses in Archeon.

It was nice meeting some foreign friends I hadn't seen in over a year, such as Erik and his wife Brigitte of the 'Compagnie Viking Hastein' who came all the way from France. We met for the first time in 2001 during an Atlantic storm in Annoville, on the south-west coast of Normandy.

Erik the Norman.

Bera and her husband Patrick are very nice people, too. They are from Gent in Belgium and spend more or less the whole summer travelling from one Viking event to the next. Their tent and gear looks very authentic, which is one of the reasons they're always invited at all the events.

Bera, from Belgium.

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