Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Asbestos for kids

To check out what was happening in Frankendael Park I took the side entrance on Kamerling Onneslaan. The park has only one gate on Nobelweg, one on Kamerling Onneslaan and two on Middenweg. I think they ought to make it more accesible. I now have basically no choice but walking along busy roads until I get to a gate, walk a little bit through the park and then out the next gate. With more gates you could spend more time (= distance) in the park.

Kamerlingh Onneslaan looking East. The gate is at the end of the road.

The pond near the gate at Kamerlingh Onneslaan has little islands with trees planted on them. The trees are still young, but I bet it will make a very nice view a couple of decades into the future.

the pond in Frankendael park.

Not be outdone by Vincent's asbestos pictures I decided to take take some of my own. I didn't do it at work, though, but in Frankendael. They've discovered some small pieces of asbestos which probably come from the demolished buildings that stood here. They're now cleaning the whole lot and made a 'mini exhibition' for kids explaining what asbestos is and why it's bad.

Asbestos for kids.

Coming into work I think I scared old Abdul out of his wits. He was doing something in his little coffee kitchen when I roared "ABDUL!!" He jumped, turned and stared right into the camera flash... Sorry Abdul.

Abdul the coffee guru

With all the walking I've been doing lately the Crocs that Nicole advised me to buy aren't keeping up. They're very comfortable, but not for longish walks. So I decided to go and buy something more suitable for walking. On my way home I saw a specialty shop for running/walking shoes on the Linnaeuskade, around the corner from Middenweg. I told the (rather excentric looking) gentleman who helped me about my requirements, shoe size and sundry other specifications such as height and width of my feet and he found a pair of shoes that not only fits well, but had a 25% discount as well! €78.71 was the damage for a nice sturdy pair of New Balance walking shoes.

special shoes for runners

The complaints section: This blog wouldn't be complete without me nagging about something. Albert Heijn is always a good topic. I walked into the shop tonight to buy some food. I got myself a macaroni with tomato/paprika (capsicum) and then looked for a bit of rabbit feed to go with the macaroni. The salads all have exhortations to eat 2 'ons' (ounce, 100 grams) of veggies per day. Do they make a 200 gram salad? Of course not! the single portion salad is 140 grams and the double portion salad (for 2 persons) is 250 grams. Doh. BTW, it has been illegal in the Netherlands to use the 'ons' measurement since the IJkwet (measurements act) of 1937.

absurdly sized salads: normal for Albert Heijn

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