Monday, 12 May 2008

bring back the hat

This one's for Miss Jo: bring back the hat.


Juf Jo said...

Men with hats look fantastic.
When are you going to start wearing hats Kees?

Kees said...

I've been wearing them since I was about 25 (in wintertime anyway). You just never noticed...

Nicole said...

I never understood the Dutch fascination with fancy hats considering it's such a windy country.

Vincent said...

Hats are great. Lots of people wear hats. here's a list of people with hats taken from Nicole and my blog archives:

- Kees
- Collins
- Nicole 1
- Nicole 2
- De Koningin
- Vincent 1
- Vincent 2
- koters
- kotertje
- Pizzaboer
- Pasquale

Juf Jo said...

Modern hats and caps dont count! :P

Kees said...

The Vincent 2 fluorescent orange hat is truely gruesome. Did you bring it to Oz or did you leave it in a garbage bin in ASD?

Kees said...

The hats in Kees and Nicole 2 are strikingly similar ;-)