Friday, 23 May 2008

the broken bowl

When I got up this morning I was hungry; so hungry my hands were shaking. I wanted to pour some muesli into one of the two bowls that Danny made for me a while ago but dropped it and it broke. Sorry Danny. I used the other bowl instead.

I stayed home today so I could concentrate on the Typo3 documentation. Typo3 is a Content Management System (CMS) which we're about to start using at work for our website. According to the docs it's both the most powerful and the most confusing CMS around. On the Typo3 website there are about 7 hours of video explaining the system. I only got as far as two hours before my brain switched off. The rest of the time I just browsed the written docs.

broken bowl

I had teryaki beef salad for dinner and afterwards I walked to the Linnaeusstraat to have a look at the pub Djordje's parents opened today. On the corner of Linnaeusstraat and Ringdijk I met Marta M., Anna P.'s friend. I was happy to see her, since it was a few months ago I last saw her. Marta surprised me by saying she reads my blog. Hi Marta!

Walking in to the pub the party was in full swing. Dutch 'jordaan' type music at 150 dB and nobody I knew in sight. I looked around but didn't see Djordje anywhere, so maybe he fled the music. I did anyway.

I walked down the Linneausstraat, through Oosterpark and had a quiet coke on the Maxwell terrace, then went home. An uneventful day.


Vincent said...

I believe that's up to us, the readers, to decide wether it was an uneventful day or not, no? ;-P

danny said...

Hey, breaking my crockery is far from uneventful. I'm always breaking my favourite pots; comes from using them all the time. It's what they're for, after all.
(I suppose it's too much to ask to save the pieces? It's just that I still have these plans to make a mosaic garden table, some day when I'm retired)

Kees said...

@Danny: I'll dig 'm out of the garbage bin.