Thursday, 29 May 2008

charm school

This morning I was up early since I had to be in the hospital at 08:00. A few weeks ago, when I had just started my walking experiment, my right foot constantly had a tingling feeling. My GP couldn't find a pulse in the foot, so he sent me to the hospital to have the veins checked out. That's what they did this morning. I was hooked up to automated blood pressure cuffs on arms and ankles and the nurse used a microphone probe to find the pulse. All this was recorded on computer. I then had to walk on a treadmill for six minutes and the whole procedure was repeated again. Results next week wednesday.

The funny thing is that since I've bought real walking shoes and ditched the Crocs the problem has gone away…

OLVG hospital hallway

After the hospital I walked through the Oosterpark, past Muiderpoort Station to the bus stop at Insulindeweg / Molukkenstraat where I got the #41 bus to work.


It looked like it was going to rain, that's why I took the bus. In fact, it started to rain about 10 minutes after I walked into work.

bus #41

After work I walked back to the Insulindeweg / Molukkenstraat corner where I saw a sideways drilling machine in action. I like tracked vehicles, so I stood and watched for a while. The guy sitting on the side had a little joy stick with which he controlled the angle of drilling.

sideways drilling machine

On through Molukkenstraat and onto Javaplein. Here the old public bath house, built in Amsterdam School style, has been converted into a restaurant with terrace. I might try it out one of these days.

bath house

I turned left into Javastraat since I wanted to see the sort of shops the street has. They're very diverse; a mixture of Turkish, Arab, Surinamese, Indian, etc. It was like a miniature United Nations. If you're looking for something etnic I'm sure you can find it here.


I walked towards the Oosterpark and decided to check out the restaurants on the east side of the park. I ended up on the terrace of Pata Negra, a spanish / Portugese tapas restaurant. I ordered a coke, bread, olives and empanadillas to start with, telling the waiter that I would see if I wanted to order more after that. The bread and olives appeared almost instantly, but the empanadillas took 45 minutes. It consisted of four very small, very greasy pastries with an undefined meat-like filling. It tasted of minced road kill fried in old engine oil. I asked for the bill and left.

pata negra no mas

I walked through the Oosterpark past the monument for Theo van Gogh.

'de schreeuw' / the scream

When I got home I checked my email and found a message from Juf Jo: did I want to come out for drinks on the Maxwell terrace? I did, so I went down the stairs again and backtracked to Maxwells where only a little while later Jo showed up with her two dogs, Flo and Lily. A good time was had by all.

miss Jo shows her charm school graduation smile


Juf Jo said...

That woman with the silly hat looks like a right drunk!

s g collins said...

hi kees i'm sorry i never leave comments on your blog.
as you can see, when i do they look a lot like my emails.
s g collins