Thursday, 22 May 2008

the coot's houseboat

Another nice day for walking. I set off again along the Ringvaart and paused for a minute on the corner of Middenweg and Linnaeuskade, looking back at the Rechthuis (1777) which is now an AMRO-bank branch office, but used to be the adminstrative centre of the Watergraafsmeer in years past. It also housed a pub... A building at human scale with a nice look to it.

Rechthuis Watergraafsmeer

Nowadays they can't seem to build on a human scale anymore, so they try to hide hideous buildings behind old façades. This monstrosity will be the new administrative centre (stadsdeelkantoor) of the Watergraafsmeer and Amsterdam East.


This coot was building its houseboat on a fitting scale. Just big enough for Mom and child. The police tape seems to say "trespassers will be prosecuted" which is fitting since coots are very territorial when nesting.

drijfsijs (eurasian coot, fulica atra)

The bicycle path near work. The only route to work from here unless you want to get run over by trucks or busses due to the lack of a foot path. I walked on the left-hand side of the cycle path, into the oncoming traffic. Cyclists made helpfull remarks such as "This is a cycle path, idiot!" I know it is a cycle path, you idiot. If there had been a footpath I could have shouted at you for cycling on the footpath.

cycle path; not for idiots

I walked back from work along the same route, stopping at the Run-inn shoe shop where I bought my new shoes last tuesday. I wanted a second pair so I can rest one pair every day. They didn't have another pair in my size and wouldn't get any either, since it is from last year's collection. I tried some other brands, but none were really comfortable. I'll have to come back in six weeks or so when the new collection comes in.

On the corner of Linnaeusstraat and Transvaalstraat I met Djordje, his sister and his brother-in-law. They were decorating the pub on the corner which has been bought by Djordje's parents. Tomorrow is the official opening and I'm going there after work for a cola.

Standing on that corner I could see the Natraj Indian restaurant. I hadn't been there in years so I decided Indian food was what I needed.

Natraj Indian Tandoori Restaurant

I started with my favourite starter, Sheek Kabab, which was very tasty. The main course was a Chicken Madras and Naan. The Madras was actually very spicy; even on the edge of what I consider 'hot'. The waitress told me that you need an explosives license for the Vindaloo. At least they don't downgrade the spiciness to fit a European palate.

chicken madras and naan

Coffee for desert and then to home.


Vincent said...

Ik vind het wel koel dat ze die oude gevel hebben behouden. Beter dan een nieuwe voorgevel denk ik dan maar.

Nicole said...

Don't even get me started about how selfish, arrogant and disrespectful the majority of cyclists are in Amsterdam! I've walked pretty much all over the city in my years there and they never had any problem cycling all over every footpath if it was to their benefit but god-fucking-forbid you step on the holy bicycle path. What a bunch of egotistical losers.

There's a wonderful path all along the beach esplanade here in Adelaide and I'll have to photograph the social sign that's painted in white on the ground, it makes me smile every time I see it, it's of a bicycle and a pedestrian and it says THIS IS A SHARED PATH, and nobody has a problem with that, cyclists take a little care not to go at lightning speed past people and the people are polite enough to move over a little when a bicycle is going by. That's how easy it is, but unfortunately too many people in Amsterdam are too concerned only about themselves.

The Indian place you visited looks delightful and I'm impressed that they haven't adjusted the spice to suit a northern European audience. It's nice to have places like this too where you can still try the authentic version of a dish.

Tell Djordje I said hi and I wish them much success with the pub!

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris