Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Today I had to see the pedicure; this was the second time I visited her on advise of the diabetes nurse. Not being used to this, it felt like a cross between being pampered and a medical treatment.

the pedicure shop

Across the road from the pedicure was this car. Bulgarian registration and the advertising in both Bulgarian and Dutch. I wonder if they cater to the Bulgarian crowd in Amsterdam or do they expect Bulgarians to come all the way from the Balkans to buy curtains?

Bulgarian fantasy

The old Frankendael Buitenplaats (Mansion) is being renovated. It will be used for weddings, receptions, cultural things, etc. One of the coach houses is going to be a pub. Once this is finished I think it will be a nice hangout on the way from work to home…

Frankendael Villa

Waiting for the bus at the corner of Kruislaan and Middenweg I noticed the sign on the funeral home across the road: "Uitvaartcentrum Elders". This translates to "Funeral home Somewhere Else".

Where is the funeral home? Somewhere else…

Birthday time at work. My collegue Ellie was celebrating her birthday today and treated us to Limburgse Vlaai; a sort of pie consisting of a sweet pastry and fruit filling. I had a slice half the size the others were having and it tasted wonderful.

Ellie is the woman in the black T-shirt

When temperatures soar our personnel club treats us to icecream. The building empties into the atrium and big tubs of icecream are put on the tables. It is self-service, so you can take as many balls of icecream as you like. I had two. I saw others with four or five in different flavours. There was no ACE…

Icecream, you scream

When I walked back in the afternoon I saw the fountain at Frankendael had been turned on. This is the first time I've seen water coming out off the thing.

Frankendael fountain

I rested my weary feet at the Maxwell and had a small noodle soup for dinner. Mind you, their 'small' noodle soup is stil fairly large and makes me a complete meal. It had noodles (obviously), chicken, vegetables and fishmeal balls. On the side are little bowls of vinegar, nam pla fish sauce and soy sauce as well as bowls with chilies and gari (pickled ginger). The waiter warned me about the nam pla being "very strongly flavoured", but I'm used to it and actually like the taste of it. All this for only € 4.75
Sorry, I forgot to make a photo of the soup. Better luck next time.


Juf Jo said...

free ice?
I want to work there!

Nicole said...

Kees, that villa looks wonderful. I hope they turn it into something nice with good service.

Funeral Home Elsewhere... excellent!

Vincent said...

No Ace? What the hell? How can you serve ice cream and not have Ace?!?!

One day you will hopefully taste Ace Kees and you will know what real ice cream is my friend hehe.

Oscar said...

Darn, I missed on the Strawberry flavor. Let me see, I had Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla-Rum-something, Banana and wiped cream with all of them.

I always like the Ice-cream celebration. I wonder when there will be the next BBQs in the courtyard. Usually some kind of funky detector is finished, delivered, almost ready, ready to be created, somebody met a big milestone, or we just make up a reason to have a nice BBQ in the courtyard.

The next planned party is more healthy though, that will probably be "Haringfeest" when the new haring is delivered. BTW, check this wikipedia in South African. As Dutch guy this is hilarious! http://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haring