Sunday, 18 May 2008

the Green house

The weather was much nicer today, and so was the feeling in my left ankle. The hyper-reaction I had was gone, too. I was thinking of going to Artis (the zoo) but hesitated as I didn't want to overdo the walking with —what was only yesterday— a very painful ankle.

Then Nicole skyped me and we chatted away for the best part of an hour. Vincent was seen in the background working on the prototype of his coffee-table railway. By the time we finished talking the sky had gone a bit overcast again, so I didn't go to Artis but read a book instead.

At 17:00 I was getting a little hungry so I went for a walk looking for a restaurant. As I have already found out, there's nothing much between my house and the Linnaeusstraat, so I turned west towards the Amstel river to see what was there to be found.

I walked through Oosterparkstraat where there's nothing much as far as restaurants are concerned.

I had to cross the racetrack aka Wibautstraat

On the short bit of Oosterparkstraat between Wibautstraat and Amstel there's an Indian restaurant about which I've read good reviews on Iens. Also, futher down the road are two Italian restaurants, one of which had a good review by Johannes van Dam, a local food guru. Around the corner on the riverbank are an Ethiopian restaurant and a Greek restaurant. Plenty of choice in that little neighbourhood.

Amstel river seen towards the Berlage bridge

I decided to walk along the river on the Weesperzijde to see what else there was.

the foot path along the Amstel river

I didn't see anymore restaurants, but in the court yard at Weesperzijde 80 I saw this amazing green building.

the Green House

The buildings across from the Green House looked nice, too. I think they're artist's studios.

the court yard

I walked to near the Berlage bridge, turned towards the Wibautstraat again and wanted to see if the restaurant on the 7th floor of the old Volkskrant building was open. It wasn't. The council has closed it for one reason or another. So, I headed once more towards the north, thinking I might get some food at the Chinese restaurant near the corner of Blasiusstraat.


I had never been there before, only seen it in passing. When I had a better look at it I decided I'd rather go to the Ferrara Italian restaurant on Beukenplein. The Ka-Wah looked like it hadn't seen an upgrade in its looks since 1902.

By the time I got to the Ferrara it was 18:00 and I was really hungry. I had the tournedos with mushrooms and a nice side salad. The tournedos was one of the tastiest I've had in a long time, which made me think I made the right decision in coming here instead of eating at the Ka-Wah. Coffee for dessert and then home to see the new epsiode of Mythbusters on Discovery.


Vincent said...

Those buildings look cool! Very nice.

That walkpath along the Amstel, is that new? When we left I think only the part right behind Amstel station had been done up this way I think? This picture wasn't taken behind Amstel station is it?

Nicole said...

Vincent is thinking of a totally different part of the Amstel. He thinks you're much closer to the Berlage bridge.

Looks like you had a decent evening and found some interesting architecture along the way. I like the green building and the studios.

Kees said...

I think the path is new, but then I hadn't been there in a number of years. It is only about 200 meters long, though. The picture is taken right next to the bridge to Ceintuurbaan. BTW, all my photos are geotagged, so if you click on them you can see them on the map in Flickr.