Saturday, 24 May 2008

lousy food and warm beer

I had a walking attack today... I decided to walk to the ABC bookstore on Spui. The weather was pretty warm; when I got to the bridge across the Amstel near Weesperplein there was water spouting all over it to cool down the asphalt.

wetting the bridge

I walked down Utrechtsestraat.


Turned left on Prinsengracht and walked across Amstelveld where in front of the church somebody had spraypainted a text on the ground.

where are you? invitation to aliens?

Then onto Reguliersgracht towards the Thorbeckeplein.

leaning house on the corner of Keizersgracht and Reguliersgracht

On Thorbeckeplein the British bank-holiday trippers were attracted by the Aussie promise of warm beer and lousy food.

lousy food and warm beer

Those tourists who weren't swilling beer were walking slowly or blocking the way on the Singel flowermarket.


After buying my books at ABC I walked towards the Oudezijds Kolk.

Oudezijds Kolk

Passing by Captain Zeppo's I kept going to Oudemanhuispoort, the secondhand bookmarket. I hadn't been there in years; my father had a market stall there when I was a child and I remember it being much busier.

Oudemanhuispoort #1, my father's old stall. They now sell cookbooks there.

I walked through Staalstraat to Waterlooplein, where according to Joerie's comment on Flickr (click on the photo) I just missed her by minutes. By this time my ankle started to hurt so I took the #9 tram to Tropenmuseum.


Sitting down for only 5 minutes in the tram seemed to do the trick since my ankle didn't hurt anymore when I walked through the Oosterpark.

in Oosterpark people were playing a version of volleyball

I had a drink on the Maxwell terrace, got a Kai Pad Med Mumuang take-away from the ThaiCoon (I only ate half of it and kept the rest for tomorrow) and went home.

For later tonight and tomorrow there's a forecast of thunderstorms and rain. Looking out of the window I could see the clouds gathering. Every now and then I remember to take photos where I bracket the f-stops up and down the scale. You can then combine those photos to an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. The photo below is a composite of 5 photos: -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 f-stops.

On the photo the sky looks like lightning could start any minute but that is an artifact of the HDR processing. It does show the sort of tricks you can do with HDR.

HDR try-out


Nicole said...

I love walking posts! Maybe because I walked that city for seven years and so I love seeing all the familiar places. The Reguliersgracht is one of my favourite streets in Amsterdam.

Coco's needs to be whacked across the head with a cricket bat for writing something as dumb and British as "lousy food & warm beer" as the slogan. The complete opposite is true of Australia. Great food and icy beer. I never understood why they came up with that crap. Perhaps to lure in the Brits. The only Australian thing about that place is the kangaroo.

I love that photo of the Rembrandt Tower.

Vincent said...

Very nice photo's Kees, I love seeing the photo's of the city. Utrechtsestraat is such a nice neighbourhood.

Did your dad sell books or something as well? I've never been to that market. It looks picturesque.

Kees said...

@Vincent: Yes, my father sold books, reason why I was injected with printing ink at a young age. When your father is a bookseller you start reading before you go to school…

danny said...

Very ominous pic of the Rembrandt Tower (aka De Omval) - nice!