Wednesday, 21 May 2008

pedometer purchase problem

Every time I've walked a bit I wonder how far I've walked. So far I've been calculating it by measuring it as a polygon on Google Earth. This gives a fair approximation of the distance. Then earlier this week I read about pedometers, devices which count the number of steps you take, know how far you walk in meters and how many calories you've burned by doing all this. This sounds like something I needed, gadget geek that I am. I found a number of these contraptions for sale on-line. Prices vary between €20 and €50. The more expensive ones do everything but calculate the return path of a NASA Space Shuttle.

But since buying on-line means you're not getting off of your ass, I decided to buy locally. So off I went to look for a pedometer in the electronics and healthcare shops in the neighbourhood. First to BCC, then to Kruidvat, Etos, Halfords and Hema. None of which had pedometers for sale. In desperation I went to the last shop on my pedometer list, Blokker. And guess what? They have one for sale.

step-o-meter packaging; the meter is already on my belt

The Step-O-Meter, made by the Xirion company of China. It can do everything but calculate the return path of the Space Shuttle. It costs €1.99

Another thing Blokker has for sale but which I didn't buy is the Brulshirt. It has a panel you can lift up to show a ferocious looking mouth. I think it has something to do with football.

brullen bij blokker

I walked back home along the Ringdijk. There are nicely placed shaded benches along the foot path, and it doesn't get very crowded there. A good place to sit and read a book one of these days.


I noticed that somebody either has a lot of guts parking his car this way, or was drunk doing it.

living on the edge

Later in the afternoon I walked to the Oosterpark, where I had a coke at the Pyramid and sat on a bench reading a book for a while. The whole park is filled with sculptures large and small. I think that most of them have some literary connection. The one below is called "Titaantjes" (little titans), after a book by Nescio. This is one of the small sculptures.


This one is a lot larger. It is the National Slavery Monument, commemorating the abolishment of slavery in 1863.

slavery memorial

For dinner I got myself a saoto soup from the Surinamese take away. Very tasty.

Oh, and the number of steps through the park? 3206.


danny said...

How do you get a geek interested in getting some exercise? Make him calculate the return path of a space shuttle on a pedometer (hm, that sounds like something to calculate the average number of pedophiles per council park). Whatever. Happy Walking!

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