Sunday, 25 May 2008

politically correct school

After dinner (the other half of last night's Thai) the rain had stopped, so I went walkabout. Every time I walk it is a little easier the next time. If I don't watch out I might start to like it…

I started off along the Transvaalkade towards the Amstel river. To get to the Amstel you have to under the railroad tracks. Somebody had placed metal camel silhouettes along the line. Maybe Vincent should put little camels in his coffee table railroad, too.

railroad camels

Opposite Cafe Hesp is one of the widest parts of the Amstel. There are no boats moored here, so it seems even wider. Hesp has a terrace here which was closed today due to the weather. One of these days when the suns shines I'll give it a try.

amstel river

The ad on Hesp's wall is not inflation proof. I wonder what would happen if you demanded a bottle of Lager for 9 cents.

last year's century's prices?

At the rowing club the girls of this coxed four were putting away their oars and boat.

coxed four

In Tweede Oosterparkstraat I spied this school and pondered the significance of P.C.
Police Constable? Personal Computer? Politically Correct?

sponsored by M$?


Juf Jo said...

Protestant Christian school?
Either way, those gates dont seem very christian to me.

I love the old advertisement on the wall, I must go there one day and make a nice photo of it with my 1930s camera.

Nicole said...

Kees, that's a lovely part of the Amstel you walked on. That bit where Hesp has its terrace is lovely. Vincent and I would go for walks there often, usually ending up at Mulligan's, it's also close to Alie's street.

Suzanne and I had lunch at Hesp once and once only. It was very unimpressive. I think it's wiser to have a drink there and forget about the food. However, the Portuguese place before Hesp always interested me and I never got a chance to go there. They too put a terrace out in summer.

Most warm evenings there are a lot of people out and about there next to the water and small boats stop, people sit on the edge and benches and some play bocce on the little field.

And around the corner from Hesp, it might be that street or the next, was a small deli type place that made good food. They had ready meals, snack bar stuff but also very decent sandwiches. We'd get lunch there sometimes and sit outside. I don't remember what it was called any more.

Vincent said...

Those camels been there for ages. Lovely piece of Amstel there and indeed very close to Alie, you should pay her a visit.

I also think the P.C. stands for "Protestants Christelijk". Gedverderrie.

PS: Can you zoom in on those girls next time please? ;-P

Kees said...

@Juf Jo: Let's do a drink there together one of these days.

@Nicole: I saw the deli; it's on the same street as Hesp. When the weather picks up again I'll go and have lunch there.

@Vincent: Just click on the photo and go to the Flickr page. You can then zoom in on the large version. There are also more photos of the girls...