Monday, 19 May 2008

port-a-potty danger

This morning when I weighed myself the scale said 117.0 kg. To celebrate the loss of another kilo I walked all the way to work. Via the shortest route, but still all the way. No busses or trams were hurt while walking for this blog…

the stairs down and up the Ringdijk.

The shortest route is walking along the ringvaart, the canal that surrounds the Watergraafsmeer polder. To get alongside the canal you first have to descend to the polder level and then climb back onto the dike.

the footpath along the canal

After crossing the Linnaeusstraat/Middenweg I followed the canal on Linnaeuskade. On the other side of the canal, behind the HEMA department store they're renovating some old factory buildings and building the new Stadsdeelkantoor (local council office).

I like this old factory better than most modern architecture

Across from the old Polderweg Animal Asylum is a sleeping spot for homeless swans, geese and ducks.

sleeping waterfowl

At the corner of Molukkenstraat and Ringdijk there is now a new road, the Caroline MacGillavrylaan. The built-up area is where the old buildings of Nikhef-K used to be. They were demolished a few years ago.

the tall building is where my office used to be

They still haven't finished the road a year after it opened. The footpath stops after about 50 meters and from there on you either walk on the road (with truckloads of port-a-potties zooming past you) or on the bus lane in the middle (where busdrivers honk at you).

port-a-pottie danger

Behind the Nikhef building the new laboratory and office space of our sister institute AMOLF is taking shape.


Having seen Vincent's two-screen computer set-up at work I decided that was a good idea for me too. I had a small DELL screen floating around, so I stuck that in the Mac.


Going home I decided to take the tram from the Middenweg/Kruislaan. A special-paint-job tram was going in the Diemen direction. It is called the Red Crosser and I suppose it is an ad for the Red Cross. Either that, or it is the first rail-bound ambulance I've seen.

red crosser

I got off of the tram at the North-east corner of Oosterpark and walked through the park to Beukenplein.

Oosterpark was quiet in spite of the nice weather

I met Collins at the Maxwell terrace for bitterballen and dinner. SG had just come back from his business trip to the US and told me about his future plans and family genealogy research. Wednesday he's leaving for Poland to attend the wedding of Anna P's sister.

Brutch content: SG draait een sjekkie while it is still legal

At 20:00 SG was getting sleepy with jet-lag and went home. So did I.


Nicole said...

Yaaaaaaay! Stephen Collins! Lovely weather! Stunning old factory building! Great stuff.

I sympathise with you regarding the footpath issues. I had many a walk around Amsterdam where I thought that it just wasn't good enough for pedestrians. As far as I'm concerned, pedestrians need to be number 1, cyclists number 2 and then everyone else.

Vincent said...

Leuke foto's weer. Ik vond 2 schermen erg lang erg onnodig maar ik vind het nu wel handig. De meeste videokaarten kunnen er twee hebben tegenwordig.

Oscar said...

Hola Kees,

I'm back from vacation and catching up. That old factory building is now a days known as The Factory. Original name, isn't it...

It's a party center these days. I've been there once. The decoration was Goth oriented. No, you've not discovered a new side of me just yet. I joined one of my best friends to the party (a little bit dressed for the occasion). And so every time I see that particular building I'm reminded from that one party I joined. :-)

And with regards dual monitor setups, it seems to be a trend again at the lab to have multiple monitors. The other trend is to go laptop. Something that I've combined with multiple monitor for quite some years now ;-)

See you Tuesday. I'm still in relaxation mode tomorrow.