Thursday, 1 May 2008

RFID birthday

My collegue Oscar wants an RFID-protection wallet for his birthday. You can easily make one yourself with stuff you have lying around the house.

Step 1. Get an RFID-enabled passport and a large bar of AH Delicata Orange Chocolate.

Step 2. Take the foil-wrapped chocolate out of the carboard package.

Step 3. Take the chocolate out of the foil.

Step 4. Insert the passport in the foil and close. Ready.

To make the wallet more colourful you could now insert the foil back into the cardboard wrapper.

Happy birthday, Oscar!


Oscar said...

This is brilliantly simple! And it forces be to buy something delicious to protect my privacy. +1 creativity for you Kees ;-)

Kees said...

and I forgot step 5: eat the chocolate!

Nicole said...

I still have a normal passport but it's probably up for renewal soon. I'll have to make one of these foil devices.

Vincent said...

You forgot the step where you eat the chocolate mate! ;-)