Thursday, 15 May 2008

secret handshakes

It was slightly overcast today and the Meteo had predicted rain, so I wore my coat. It was actually too warm for a coat, but you never know. The whole day it stayed hot and dry... So much for weather forecasts.

the Philips HQ and the Rembrandt Tower against an overcast sky

I walked the green route again because I wanted to take the walk though the Frankendael park. About 100 meters before the park's entrance there's a spot where people feed the flying rats aka pidgeons. Even though there was nobody feeding them that moment they still gather there in the hopes of finding a free breakfast.

flying rats

It was the first time I've walked through the Frankendael park (I've only lived next to it for the last 25 years...) so I didn't know what there was to see.

Frankendael park, looking towards the Middenweg

It turns out that Frankendael used to be the plant nursery for the city of Amsterdam before they made it into a park. There are still a lot of greenhouses scattered around the park, so I think it is still being used as a nursery.

one of the greenhouses

In the area right behind the Frankendael Villa there's a section where they let the growth manage itself more or less. They've planted the shrubs, trees and plants you find in different parts of the Netherlands and then let them grow 'wild'. There are signs explaining what you're looking at; type of soil, type of vegetation, in what part of the country you can find it, etc.

wild growth

When I get into work the first thing I do is get a cup of coffee from Abdul, our coffee guru. Everybody loves his coffee, especially new guys from the United States of Decaffeinated Coffee. You can see them flying figures-of-eight around the hallways for a week after their first cup of Abdul's black demonic brew. When I turned around from the coffee urn to see what caused the clattering noise behind me I saw it was our director, Frank Linde, who had come from the trainstation on his skeelers.

prof.dr. Frank Linde

I couldn't find any nice science porn photos for Nicole today (but if you go to my Flickr pages you'll find lots of them) so I took a drool shot for Vincent: the workshop where we make protoypes of all sorts of things that later find their way into humongous detectors.

the workshop

I walked back from work via the other green route: the Oosterpark and sat down at the pyramid for a cool Cola Light. There were a whole lot of Rasta-type people sitting, walking and cycling near the pyramid and I'm somewhat bemused about the number of 'secret' handshakes I've seen exchanged. I wonder if they're all crypto-Freemasons.

Oosterpark pyramid

Dinner in the ThaiCoon was Pad Thai Kay: chicken with Thai rice-noodles and veggies. Delicious. Afterwards coffee on the Maxwell terrace.

Pad Thai Kay


Vincent said...

Op een dag heb ik m'n eigen werkplaats :-)

Als Nicole en ik weer in den lande zijn moet je ons maar eens meenemen naar Maxwell.

Nicole said...

I can't believe you lived so long near that park and only went there now! It's beautiful, the wild growth is fantastic! People used to sometimes laugh at me because I walked to work and most other places and I used to tell them that you miss a lot of good stuff if you travel too fast. It's great that you're discovering so many nice places close to home.

Great photos. I like Prof. Dr. Frank Linde a lot because he looks like he has a degree from the Institute of the Friday Night Skate.

I also love that disguised Space Invaders Arcade Game you have hidden in the workshop.

Nicole said...

By the way, I saw that last night's AT5 news had a story on the Frankendael park! There is a spring festival there on at the moment and it took them ages to construct the beautiful park. It was going to be apartments at first.