Tuesday, 27 May 2008

server crash

When I got to work this morning, the first thing to do -as usual- is to check my email. Only my work's email was visible; nothing from my own mailserver. I tried to contact my server in different ways, but to no avail. Dead as a doorpost.

My email didn't show up until I got home and rebooted the box. One of the emails that was dribbling in from my alternate MX was from Nicole, sweetly asking if something had died in my house. I know it smells like that every now and then, but I didn't think you could smell that all the way from Australia.

I only realised a few minutes after reading Nicole's email that some of the graphics on her blog are hosted on my server. That's how she knew something had died…

Danny, who's whole blog resides on my server hadn't noticed a thing, which goes to show you how often she checks for comments and such.

Anyway, the thing is working again and I hope it stays online a bit longer now. I haven't figured out why it went down. Doing the usual forensics on the log files didn't show anything strange or out of place. Maybe the box had a 'baaldag'.

No photos today; I didn't take any going to work (I took the bus 'cause my foot hurt) and didn't take any coming back either since I was thinking about my server and food alternatively.

if you can see the punches, my server is alive


Gerrit said...

You have my sympathy Kees, nothing as bad as a dying server at home, hope it is not contagious. (Knock wood, plenty of it around here) I have instructed Danny on which plug to pull when mine is down, that will be the only remedy I can think of if remote access does not work.

I have my Pussy Cam up so I can see if everything (and everyone) is alive and well.

Nicole said...

I love that punching machine!!! I wish I had one in Amsterdam when I was walking down the Kalverstraat!

danny said...

no fair. I happen to be up to my eyeballs in marking and exams at the moment, and checking for comments every (other) day when nothing much is added after the first few days anyway is really pathetic. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised when I do get the chance to blog for myself again instead of blogging vicariously thru yours...