Thursday, 1 May 2008


I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a long weekend in Denmark (coming back on monday) with Marion, Danny and Janneke doing Viking re-enactement in the lovely town of Ribe.

I'll be staying near #9

I wanted to do some last minute shopping today so I would have something to eat in Denmark. However, I hadn't thought of the fact that today is not only the day after Queensday, but also Ascension Day, which means the shops were closed.

I now have to survive on what I have in the cupboard: ½ loaf of multi-grain bread, 1 packet of knackebrød, 2 packets of 30+ cheese and 1 packet of Casseler Rib. And, of course, some light margarine.

Obviously, there's more to eat in Denmark since the others in the group are bringing food along, but I wanted to buy stuff that would fit in my diet. Now it looks like I'll either loose a lot of weight 'cause I've got almost nothing to eat or I'll gain a massive amount by eating the wrong things.

Marion has been busy the last few weeks making me a new tunic and trousers. We'll see on monday if they still fit (either way). The socks that Danny's been nålbinding for me will fit; of that I'm not in doubt.


Gerrit said...

Hi Kees, als je dit eerder gepost had had ik je kunnen vertellen dat in het centrum de winkels vast open waren geweest, Desnoods had ik hier nog boodschappen voor je gedaan, zelfs hier in het hoge noorden waren de winkels (in ieder geval de supermarkt) open vandaag.

Marion said...

If you have read your email, you would have known my supermarket-around-the-corner was also open today :D

I'm sure all will be fine. Thnks for posting the pictures on your Flickr.. reminded me to get my passport ;D

Kees said...

@gerrit & @marion
I've just found a bar of RFID-disabling chocolate which I'm throwing in the bag now...

danny said...

Appie Heijn will be open before your pickup tomorrow morning, won't it?

Juf Jo said...

I have some macaroni left if you need it ;)

Ribe sounds great, I still want to come with you to that event one day.
I have early medieval clothing that probably dont need a lot of adapting into viking gear, or I could borrow something.
Alas im as poor as a churchmouse so it may take a while before I can come to Ribe.
Also, can they organise it in a different month!
May is the busiest month of the year for me ;)

Vincent said...

Make lots of photo's ok? Enjoy yourselves kids :-)