Monday, 26 May 2008


It being a cloudy/rainy day, I wore my coat to work. I walked the Frankendael route with a twist at the end.

One of the little side streets of the Schalk Burgerstraat, just around the corner from where I live. Houses on a human scale. A while ago they had some problems with drugdealers gathering there but that has been solved.


The sky was dark over the jungle Frankendael allotments.

the jungle

Walking to work is not without its dangers; the wind was so fierce this morning that just before I arrived here these branches had broken off.


A quick walk following the main road through Frankendael brought me to Christiaan Huygensplantsoen. All the streets in this neighbourhood are named for scientists. Huygens got himself a little shopping centre.


I zig-zagged the streets behind the Huygensplantsoen until I got to the railroad switching yard. This must be the most unlovely tunnel in Amsterdam.

railroad switching yard tunnel

The big blue thing is actually a sluice gate. The railroad forms a water barrier. If/when the Watergraafsmeer dike breaks, they can close the gates (there's another one outside the picture) and the water from the Ringvaart will be contained in the outer part. The only people who will then drown are the scientists in the Science Park since that is outside the safe area.

blublub… blubblublub…

Here's the end twist of the walk: I walked all the way via the long route.

A fun project at work today. In october is the official opening of CERN's new accelerator LHC with all its experiments. One of these experiments is ATLAS and our director came up with the idea to wrap the new University of Amsterdam science faculty across the road in a life-size mesh canvas of the ATLAS detector. Here's the mock-up I made today.

ATLAS in the polder. The real detector is 46m long and 25m in diameter.

Going home I took the bus to Muiderpoort Station, walked into Celebesstraat following the railroad track and then turned left into van Swindenstraat. The photo is looking back to Javastraat, and I never realised it was a shopping street until today. I'll have a look through it later in the week to see what sort of shops are there.

Javastraat is getting a new pavement

I walked my now normal route through the Oosterpark.

I'm now on a first name basis with the ducks

Going past the OLVG Hospital I noticed for the first time that their chapel looks like a mediaeval building. It is completely new, though.

faux mediaeval

I bought a Maguro no Temaki (tuna hand roll) at the sushi take-away near the hospital, then walked to AH where I got a nice Mexican salad and went home.


Nicole said...

Isn't it wonderful how much more of life you see and notice while walking. I am convinced that it's not good to move too fast. Even on a bicycle I wasn't able to look around properly because I had to focus on not crashing.

Vincent said...

That chapel is beautiful, so un-Dutch too. Quite Italian or Spanish I think.

It's good to be on first name terms with the ducks. I think they will take over the world one day :-)

Have they been building for Atlas for almost or over 10 years by any chance? I think old friends of mine were already talking about it after I graduated which was over 10 years ago...

Kees said...

@Vincent: I think the proper name for the chapel's architecture is Romanesque.

The three ducks nearest the camera are called Kwik, Kwek and Kwak ;-)

The 'letter of intent' for ATLAS was submitted in 1992. The design was approved in 1995 and they started the engineering in 1999.