Sunday, 8 June 2008

dinner & drinks

I stayed at home until 15:30 when I walked down to Maxwell's to read a book on the terrace. When I got there a band was just setting up. Since nobody was sitting inside because of the fine weather, the band faced the terrace. The music wasn't too bad, but not something to blog about so I won't.

band playing to the world

Around 17:30 Collins arrived, followed by Jud who had brought along his chief flight attendant (purser) Paula. Then Marion, Gerrit and Danny arrived.

Danny 'just try to take my beer away' & 'I'm cool' Marion.

Jud had brought me 1.5 liter of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap All-One from the US, a large 'peppermint' and a smaller 'citrus'. You can't buy the stuff here and since I was given some of it about eight months ago I really started to like it. Jud had never heard of it, but it turned out his wife Tamara had and it was for sale in the health shop down the road in Seattle. The bottle's label is something else; Dr. Bronner was slightly off his rocker when he started the soap company 60 years ago and wrote his whole philosophy on the label. Every time I look at the bottle I find something new to read! Oh, and dilute! dilute! dilute!

Collins, Jud & Gerrit

We started off with drinks and talking. Not everyone had met before so introductions were made. That didn't take long and soon everybody was talking away about all different topics, ranging from soccer (which was on TV: Germany V Poland) to making movies and Paula's daughter's acting ambitions. We realized we hadn't seen Alex since his motorcycle accident and he only lives 150 m from Maxwell, so we called and gave him marching orders. He arrived shortly after, just when we were about to order dinner. Alex works half days and goes to physiotherapy but has no pain and feels great. He wants to buy a new bike in august.

terrace overview

Dinner arrived. I had a mixed grill (spare ribs, entrecote and steak with home made fries in the skin and a side salad) which was nice. I think the others liked their meal as well. Marion had the cheese fondue and I ate almost half of her veggies. She didn't want them anyway.


Almost everyone took lemon or chocolate pie for desert. I had a black coffee, no sugar. That's why I look sad in the picture below. I would kill for a chocolate pie but I had already been feasting on wrong food.

me, feeling human emotion 'sad'

Two months ago Danny had asked me to order some T-shirts from Jinx in the US. They arrived this week and tonight I handed them over to her. One shirt says 'oderint dum metuant', let them hate so long as they fear (A favorite saying of Caligula) and Danny wants to wear it while teaching class. The other is a geek knitter's shirt with a skull and bones made out of yarn and the text 'YARRRN' in pirate speech. Danny switched shirts after dinner.

Danny & Marion, feeling human emotion 'happy'

Just before the sun was setting the meeting broke up and everybody went their way.


Nicole said...

What a wonderful dinner! Telstra has developed a hologram communication system here. I'll beam in myself next time. It's just fantastic to see everyone and the weather seems to be perfect for it.

Vincent said...

That looks like fun! Things to miss for us I guess. Oh well. You guys seem to have had a great time. Amsterdam in summer, you can't beat it :-)