Sunday, 29 June 2008

the excorcism

Some days, like today, my foot hurts and I have to take a painkiller. Normally I'd take an ibuprofen since it works as an anti-inflammatory drug as well. My doctor told me to take paracetamol instead. Apparantly NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and anti-diabetic drugs don't mix well. I took a paracetamol, which didn't kill the pain and it didn't stop the inflammation in my ankle bones. It still hurt after dinner when I wanted to go for a walk.

I went for a walk any way since you see a lot of fat people and you see a lot of old people, but you see very few fat old people.

I didn't go too far; down the Afrikanerstraat to the Wibautstraat.

wibautstraat looking north

I walked through the Graaf Floriszstraat to the Amstel. Near the boat house I saw the sun shining on the water with the old Amsterdam Council Archives building behind it. The archives have now moved to the "Bazel" building in Vijzelstraat where they have more room for their collections. I wonder what is going to happen to the old building. Before it came to house the archives it was the town hall of Ouder-Amstel.

the old archives building

I walked through Buhrmanstraat into Oetgensdwarsstraat. The apartments here look like they were transplanted from 1960s East Berlin. They gave them a coat of paint on the Oosterparkstraat side, but I think the paint job should have stretched along the whole building.

paint job potemkin village style

Crossing back over Wibautstraat there was a barricade, at least I understood it to be one. It sure is clear you can't pass here.

no passeran!

I walked into Blasiusstraat where you have an excellent view of the back side of the OLVG hospital. The elevators in the glass tower under the logo have different bright colours, which looks very nice when they're going up and down.

OLVG back side

I sat down for a well earned cola light on Maxwell's terrace and gave my ankle a rest. The pain had actually lessened while I walked and now that I'm home again it has gone away completely. Maybe the exercise exorcised the pain demon…

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Vincent said...

Lekker weertje weer zeg. Balen dat je de werkende pijnstiller niet meer mag slikken. Ik vraag me af of er nog alternatieven zijn die het wel goed doen...