Thursday, 5 June 2008

walk on your hands

I worked at home today, thinking I'd have a nice quiet day. Forget it; work-related emails kept arriving every ten minutes or so it seemed. Enough to do, anyway. I didn't make it out the door until 17:00. I walked to Ceintuurbaan, thinking of eating at Bloemers but after studying the menu I decided against it. A € 16 burger is a bit too much. I had only eaten an 'uitsmijter' here a few years ago, so I didn't really know what to expect. I walked back to the Amstel.

Amstel looking towards Amstel Hotel

Realizing the IJsbreker was around the corner, and I'd never eaten there, I checked it out. Nice spot, but again a menu with prices that are too high for an 'eetcafe'.

towards the Amstel Hotel

So, I walked on in the direction of Amstel Hotel, not knowing what was to be found here. I've never walked in this neighbourhood before.

walk on your hands through the tunnel

I sort of zigzagged down a bunch of small streets which didn't have any eateries.

some places look like Berlin '45. this used to be a tax office. coincidence?

On the east side of Wibautstraat there's a whole lot of demolishing going on. The old tax office is almost gone and in Tilanusstraat they're about to start renovating, too.

digital portal

On the corner of Tilanusstraat and Camperstraat I noticed a new restaurant, Raices Latinas. It has a Colombian cuisine and only opened six weeks ago. I had the plate of the day, which consisted of a big bowl of potato soup with lentils and minced meat (almost a meal in itself!) followed by an entrecote with chick peas, salad, rice and fried plantains. Tasty, and too much. Only € 10 including a drink!

Raices Latinas

The service was a bit chaotic; lots of young people in the restaurant who were all trying to get the food on the table. Very friendly people, though. They must have asked me at least five times if everything was OK.

Raices Latinas interior

Walking back home I saw that the police presence in the 'hood had increased.

where do they put the sirens and blue lights?


Juf Jo said...

Again, lots of familiar spots.
Sometimes before going into the tunnel its fun to see if there are some fans standing outside hotel Amstel, hoping to see their hero.
There were a few there the other week.
Interesting kind of people.

What kind of music do they play at Raices Latinas?
I walk past it a couple of times a week and I sort of fear the idea of going into a Colombian restaurant because I'd go mad if they play Colombian music there.

Kees said...

You'd probably go mad, then. The music is South American. I don't know if it is Columbian.

Vincent said...

10 euro voor zo veel eten? Da's spot goedkoop zeg.

Grapig die boom op de muur.

Juf Jo said...

Cheap food is good, but yes I'd run away screaming if they play that kind of music.
I fear Im rather mono-cultural ;)