Wednesday, 18 June 2008

a grave in portugal

I sat on the couch all day, reading a book. Around 16:45 I left the house, thinking of walking down to the Indian Roti Room on Oosterparkstraat for a meal. When I got there I wasn't hungry yet, so I decided to push on to Utrechtsestraat to see what food was available there. I passed the fountain on Frederiksplein and it was working.

frederiksplein fountain

In Utrechtsestraat I didn't find anything to my fancy either. I walked passed Rembrandtplein towards Staalstraat, but then decided on the bridge across the Amstel to turn back. I walked along Reguliersgracht, Sarphatiestraat and then passed the Amstel Hotel, under the Canada bridge along the Amstel and finally ended up at the Ka-Wah Chinese Restaurant on Wibautstraat. The food was OK for your local Chinese restaurant.

There were only two other customers in the place, and they were discussing their pension plans: "If you know you won't make it past 70 it's better to take early retirement. If, on the other hand, you feel you'll be able to get to 100, work three or four years past your 65th birthday." And: "Did you know that in Portugal there are family graves that fit 15 coffins? Little villas they are!"

I was completely depressed when I had finished my meal. For a cheer-me-up I sat on Maxwell's terrace with a cup of coffee and a 12 year old Jameson.

Oh, and if you wonder why there's only one photo? I had set the camera to a ridiculous 1000 ISO sensitivity, which made allmost all photos today come out looking like they had been printed on toilet paper and then flushed. Sorry.


Oscar said...

Cheers to Jameson! I like my Whiskeys properly aged. You set me up for a reminder for tomorrow evening to take nip of something along that line of thinking.

Nicole said...

I had a similar thing yesterday at the supermarket where I got depressed listening to the check-out chick talking about her dinner, her kid, her husband, how he got a voucher and they are thinking of going away and blah blah blah. All because the guy in front of me had a million items in the trolley.

It's nice to see the fountain again :)

If you ever want a really good broodje on Utrechtsestraat, I recommend Klavertje 4. Excellent place for broodjes and usually a soup of the day or two.

Vincent said...

Slechts één foto, maar wel een hele mooie :-)