Sunday, 22 June 2008

i am wibautstraat

Danny rang me to say she and Marion were planning to go to the session in Mulligans: Did I feel like going too? I did, so I left the house at 17:15. I walked past the OLVG hospital where the fountain was working. Working too well; it was overflowing into the underground parking garage.

olvg fountain

I walked along Amsterdam's prettiest street: Wibautstraat. Everybody loves this street.

i am wibautstraat

I turned into Nieuwe Kerkstraat and across the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge).

amstel locks seen from magere brug

Then along the Amstel to Mulligans. I got there around 18:00 and there was almost nobody there. Just two guys in the back watching the hurling match between Clare and Limerick. Clare won. The two guys were Limerick fans.

Then Max and Dominic arrived and around 19:00 the session started. Jack, who organizes the yearly whitsun session in Nieuwe Niedorp, was in Mulligans for the first time and had brought a bunch of friends. The band that played Friday and Saturday was also at the session.

As the evening progressed we ended up with an accordeon, six flutes, three sets of uileann pipes, a fiddle and two guitars, a double bass plus assorted tin whistles and singers. Not the best combination of instruments, but it was nice enough most of the time.

the grrrls

I sat in my usual corner with Danny, Marion and Alex. Alex told me he had just bought a new motorcycle which will be delivered on Wednesday. The insurance had paid out for the bike he crashed a while ago. This time he didn't go for the cafe racer type of bike, but for a touring buffalo: an 1100 cc Moto Guzzi California.

Henryk G., his lady friend and Henryk's son Marcin also walked in. Marcin was over from London and thinking of going to Shanghai for two years with his girlfriend.

We quit the bar around 22:45. As the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped I wimped out: I took a tram to Tropenmuseum and walked the last bit.


Nicole said...

Sounds like a nice day. What does Marcin do for work and what connection does he have to Shangahi? Can anyone just go to Shangahi if they feel like it? Not that I would ever fancy a move to China myself, but I am curious about what kinds of visas are required.

Kees said...

@Nicole: Marcin is an artist; his girlfriend is going to study in Shanghai and he's thinking of going along. What visas you need I don't know.

Vincent said...

Photo's of old Amsterdam in the sun can just be some of the best piccies you can take really. Never boring and always nice to look at.

Good to hear Alex is getting a new bike. I take it it wasn't his fault then? Otherwise the insurance wouldn't have paid?

Kees said...

@Vincent: I think it was the fault of the cement truck that pulled out without looking to see if there was someone next to them.

Anonymous said...

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