Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm evil…

When I left the house this morning the clouds looked ominous. Not your nice fluffy clouds at all, but nasty clouds, pregnant with rain.

rain clouds seen from my balcony

I walked to Frankendael, but instead of going straight to Middenweg I turned right towards the Jeruzalem neighbourhood.

frankendael, still cloudy

On Hugo de Vrieslaan I saw this range of squashed piramids. It's probably art of some sort. If it was in my front yard I'd ask the council to remove it.


At work the clouds were still in force and the wind had picked up as well. The institutional flag stood tight in the wind.

nikhef's flag

In the morning I did a bit of work on a couple of websites for conferences and summer schools which we're organizing. After lunch I went with Jo, committee chairman for the conference we're organizing in September, to town to check out Restaurant Sluizer in Utrechtsestraat. We have to provide lunch for 200—250 people and since Sluizer is normally closed for lunch I thought that maybe they could be persuaded to open just for us. They could and they will. We can fit all of the participants in Sluizer and the owner said he would be happy to feed them all. One more problem out of the way. I'm still waiting for answers to monday's and yesterday's networking questions, though.

ritzema bosstraat

After work I got on the #40 bus, wanting to get out at Middenweg. I wasn't paying attention, so I got off one stop too late. I decided to walk straight on from the bus door, and so walked into Ritzema Bosstraat. A nice enough street in a nice enough neighbourhood. Very quiet; almost no traffic. I walked more or less straight north and found myself back at the Frankendael gates I had come out of this morning. The clouds looked very friendly and fluffy this time.

fluffy frankendael

I just kept going in the same direction and crossed Frankendael south to north, exited the park at the Kamerlingh Onneslaan and still walked in the same direction. This led me to the Bessemerstraat in the Don Bosco neighbourhood, after which I could go no further in a straight line since that street stopped at the Ringvaart (where have I heard that name before?).


I took a left at the Ringvaart, crossed the bridge and was back in my own street. I went to Maxwell and sat on the terrace to wait for Anna who had called me earlier in the day asking if I'd like to go out for dinner. She was delayed a bit since Marina B. had asked her to help booking a ticket to Bulgaria at the last minute. When Anna arrived we had a quick drink and then went to the ThaiCoon for a great meal. We started with springrolls; Anna then had tofu and vegetables in a red curry sauce and I had chicken, veggies and cashew nuts with peppers. Delicious.

anna smiling with a springroll

Anna's laptop, an old MacBook, is dying. The thing is about six years old and needs to be replaced. Anna is in denial. "I like the metal looks; a new one is too expensive; bladiblah…"

I told her she should have a look at the new 13'' MacBooks; the cheapest one is only (after all the discounts she can get) about € 850. Depreciated over three years the laptop would cost about € 0.80 per day. A cup of coffee costs more.

contemplating the mac

She still wasn't sure, so we went home where she could play with my MacBook. After playing for about 45 minutes she told me I was evil 'cause I was giving her bad thoughts such as "I want to buy a MacBook" and "It's not that expensive". When she left she said she was glad the shops were closed. I told her the on-line Apple store was open. I'm evil that way…


Vincent said...

That Frankendael park looks nicer every time I see more photo's. Pity I've never been there.

The pyramid art is horrific. There's more horrific art in the Churchilllaan.

Hi Anna! You have to buy a new mac book now! :-)

Nicole said...

You are so bad Kees! But, I'd have said the same thing! I'm always in favour of people buying new computers.

It's great to see Anna!

That Pyramid art could join the ridiculous slanting metal goal post on the Churchilllaan.

Juf Jo said...

Kees, bring your mac to Maxwells next time so I can play with it before I buy one as well.
Mind you, these days even a calculator works better then my computer!