Monday, 16 June 2008

lady doctor and piles

This morning I had to see my GP since I had ran out of my diabetes medication. I got up nice and early because I wanted to be the first one in, and got there at 07:45. On my way to the doctor's office I saw somebody had changed the streetname sign of Vrolijkstraat (happy street) into Opvrolijkstraat (make-it-look-better street). A good idea.


I thought the doctor opened shop at 08:00, but it turned out to be 08:30. Since I didn't want to gome home again, or wait 45 minutes in front of the door I went for a walk. At Hartog's bakery, the best known bakery in Amsterdam, there was already a queue forming. Sometimes the queue extends to, and even around, the street corner. Hartog only bakes brown multi-grain bread and has done so since 1896. According to their website they get up to 1.400 customers per day. Quite a lot for such a small shop.

hartog's bakery

In Tilanusstraat they'd gutted the ground floor of a house and you could see the piles driven into the marshy soil of Amsterdam.

amsterdam piles

At the OLVG hospital about a hundred schoolkids on bicycles, wearing day-glo orange vests, were lining up for the traffic lights. Their teachers were wearing yellow day-glo vests. Because the teachers made the kids line up one after the other along the side of the cycle path, every time the lights went green only a small group could make it across the street. If I had been a teacher I'd have stopped all traffic from the side street and thus keep the group together.

day-glo orange

Back at the doctor's office I found that he wasn't there. On Monday's he's got a lady doctor sitting in for him. She checked my sugar level, found it was perfect, and took me of off the Glimeperide 1 mg which had been giving me slight hypos lately. I'm now back on Metformin, which I used in the beginning, but this time in half a dose.

Usually you take two 500 mg tablets per day. I have to take two 250 mg portions per day. The only problem is there's no such thing as a 250 mg Metformin tablet, only 500 mg ones. The drugstore told me to cut the tablets in half using a sharp knife. If you don't hear from me for a few days I've probably cut off my fingers…

At work I had a quiet day; only a meeting about our new website. During the lunch break a colleague said his son had just moved into the student apartments around the corner and was looking for a microwave. I told him I had two and he could have one. So after work he drove me home and picked up the microwave. That's why there are no photos of the trip home. Instead I'll leave you with another photo of Sunday's bellydancer at the Roots festival.

for vincent

For dinner I had a Toscan Salad with few pieces of knäckebrød or however you spell that. This morning I had shed another kilo and I want to keep loosing them.


danny said...

Shouldn't that be "cheer-up street"?
Another kilo shed, eh? Adipose been visiting?

Vincent said...

Goed man, hoe minder medicatie hoe beter!

Mooie buik heeft die danseres. Als jij nou heel veel afvalt... ;-P

Nicole said...

Kees, I think you mean poles not piles. Piles is the common name for Hemorrhoids. I thought the blog was going to be about all sorts of back-door medical issues after I read the title!

Fantastic news about the medication!

I used to have the same problem with one of my medications. I found the best way was to have a small serrated knife and I would score the top of the tablet and then I could crack it in half.

There are also small tablet clippers available, though I don't know where to find them in Amsterdam. It would be worth asking a pharmacist.

Kees said...

@Danny: The spaceship has come and gome...

@Vincent: my belly will never be as nice looking as hers.

@Nicole: I did mean pile, and the pun was intentional :-)

I'll see i I can find a tablet clipper, but my pharmacist told me to use a sharp knife, so they probably don't know about these clippers. [gross]maybe my old toenail clippers would work?[/gross]

Renate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renate said...

One EasyLife® Tablettenteiler coming up!

Nicole said...

I've never heard it being called piles, at least I learned something new today!

Make sure you score the tablets first if using a knife. If you try and cut them right through they often crack into stupid odd-shaped bits. At least mine did (they were thick and small). I was always a bit miffed that they didn't have other dosages because cutting them was so unprofessional and if one bit was slightly bigger than the other if would affect my whole day because I wasn't getting a constant, proper dosage.

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