Wednesday, 25 June 2008

love potions

I needed a new battery charger; the old ones I have can only charge NiCad and I now have some more modern NiMH batteries. So I took a walk to the Kijkshop on Kamerlingh Onneslaan near Middenweg. I walked along the Ringvaart, which doesn't seem to be boring to regular readers, and almost walked into a scaffolding somebody had placed across the pavement. I had to backtrack and walk around the contraption.


The Kijkshop didn't have the type of charger that I needed, so I walked back along Middenweg towards the Hema. I walked past a travel agency which advertised cruise ship holidays by placing a model of the Titanic in the shop window. I wonder if they advertise flying holidays with a model of the Hindenburg.


Then on to the Hema, where I found a nice fast charger which came with four 1900 mA accus for only €29.95

By this time it was getting near dinner time, so I started looking on the east side of Oosterpark for somewhere to eat. I walked past all the restaurants since there was nothing on the menu that I liked. I did see a decoration on a wall in Wagenaarstraat. Pharmacopolæ were sellers of love potions in ancient Rome and had a bad name. I don't think they had email addresses in that period. BTW, exists and is a training institute for wannabe webmasters. I don't see the connection between pharmacopolae and webmasters, exept for the bad name.

I walked back to van Swindenstraat. There's a Greek, a Caribean and a Surinamese restaurant there. I went to the Surinamese, the 'Sweet Asia'. I ordered a chicken soup and a beef roti. The soup was nice, the roti acceptable. The restaurant is a cross between a take-away and a would-be American 'diner'. They've got these stalls a la the diner where you can sit. The benches are very comfortable.

wannabe diner

After dinner I walked back through Oosterpark. The blue sky had those typical Dutch 'fluffy' clouds in it.

fluffy clouds

The walk had a total distance of 4.2 km according to and cost me 497 kcalories. I've just discovered this site and I like the way they let you calculate your walked distance and burned calories. Recommended.


Nicole said...

Cruise holidays and the Titanic! Fantastic! And Captain Igloo to take you there.

One thing I do miss sometimes here is that not many Surinamese people live here and so there is no real Surinamese roti to be found. I'll have to make a real effort one of these days and see if I can source some roti spices to make my own, but I'm sure it won't be as good as the two places I used to frequent near the Albert Cuyp market.

Juf Jo said...

I have seen that Titanic in different travel agencies as well, I reckon they all get their window dressing from the same company.
People who dont know history are silly.

Every day when I take the dogs to the waterloomarket I burn about 300 calories, when I just take them to the park I burn 124.
Then I eat a 23452342 calory pizza ;)