Thursday, 12 June 2008

not so amazing stroopwafel

It was colder today and it looked like it was going to rain. My iPod's battery was empty and my foot hurt. I had neither muesli nor milk in the house due to —again— a shortage at AH. A good start of the day. I ate a muesli bar, but these don't really kick start your metabolism in the morning. So I walked out slightly grumpy.

My neighbourhood has quite a few Moroccan tea houses and shops. When I walked through Pretoriusstraat I noticed that a lot of them were festooned with orange flags.

moroccan bazaar

I stopped for a moment on the bridge across the Ringvaart and noticed that the 'stadsdeelkantoor' looks almost finished. I still think it is one ugly looking building, and the best thing they could do is to hide it behind some nice big trees. That would also be a nice barrier to stop all the hot air emanating from the building.


I walked along Ringvaart to MacGillavrylaan, where opposite the entrance to Amolf's building site I noticed a funny looking yellow train. It has a 'Structon' logo on it, so I assume it is some sort of track laying train. Vincent will probably know.

structon train

At work I did a hurry-up-speedo job on the webpages I was asked to have ready this morning. I didn't work on tuesday night or on wednesday, behaving like a proper obedient worker. Both my group leader and the director were very vocal when they told me not to work in my free time. I sent out an email saying it was ready for production at 09:45, early enough for government work I'd say.

At the morning coffee break I was feeling dizzy and vision was a bit blurry. Hypo reaction to bad breakfast? I got something from the machine I hadn't tasted in 6 months: a giant stroopwafel. They changed brands and upped the price from 50 cents to 80 cents in that period. I didn't like the taste of the new stroopwafel, but it did its job. The symptoms went away.

Just after 10:00 I got an email about the hurry-up-speedo website: they "would get back to me in the EARLY (their emphasis!) afernoon". Indeed, the boss man came in at 15:00. That was early enough to make the last changes and leave at a normal time. The site didn't go online in the morning, though.

I took the bus to Muiderpoort station. While waiting for the bus the clouds over Anna's Hoeve were looking about to open in a downpour any moment.

anna's hoeve

At Muiderpoort station I didn't take the —by now normal— turn to Celebesstraat and the Dapper market, but to the station itself. I walked under the railway bridge to Stationsplein and then, after the second railway bridge, I found myself on the corner of Pontanusstraat and Domselaerstraat. The building on the corner is named 'de Punt', the Point. Very appropriate, as it is all sharp angles.

the point

I walked down Domselaerstraat and crossed Linnaeusstraat into Vrolijkstraat, 'Happy street'. The locals have brightened their street with little gardens in front of their houses. These so called 'geveltuinen', gable gardens are subsidized by the local council to improve the looks of neighbourhoods and further social interaction between neighbours. Some people went as far as flowering up their bikes…

happy bike in happy street

I got a saoto soup from the Surinam take-away and ate the remainder of yesterday's fruit salad.


Nicole said...

Is Anna's Hoeve an old farm? The tree there is magnificent.

Kees said...

@Nicole: Yes, it was the only farm left in the Watergraafsmeer. It has been part of the Faculty of Biology of the UvA for many years. Now that all the Beta-faculties are moving into the Science Park, they're going to make a Visitor's Centre of it. I wrote about it in a previous post.

Vincent said...

More info about that train can be found here.

It's used for rail and rail bed maintenance. Quite a cool piece of technology really....

I like the Moroccan place with the Dutch flags :-)

Oscar said...

The stroopwafel brand changed a few months ago to the stuff they sell now. The taste is more like the stroopwafels that are sold fresh and hot. Despite that detail the other pro for this brand is that they won't get so darn hard after a while. When the others are cold or getting old you should double check if you upgraded your dental plan to a suitable high enough level.

In any case, I still feel robbed by the high stroopwafel price and when the previous stroopwafels weren't that old, they tasted mighty fine.