Monday, 9 June 2008

rapture part 2

It was quiet this morning when I walked out the door. Either the holidays had started or else maybe the rapture had happened overnight and I was left behind. I started to suspect the latter when I walked past this telephone booth.

gotta hang up man, jesus is coming for me! wooooshhhh…

About 100 m down the road I saw signs in the sky.

in hoc signo vincit

It was also quiet on the Kruislaan along the Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, the cemetery. You would expect that, though, but maybe not on rapture day.

dead quiet on the Kruislaan (CROSS Lane, another sign!)

At work things were more lively. All of us who were left behind gathered in the rafters of the Zeeburgia Soccer club fields. I stood on the field making photos of more PhDs and professors than you can shake a stick at. They were doing the wave every time I shouted 'WAVE'. We need those photos for our Open House in October, which falls on the same date as the official opening of the LHC in Geneva. More details to follow in October.

the wave

Being cheered by over 50 professors gives you an idea of how it feels to win the Nobel prize.


We're still thinking of wrapping parts of our building in 1:1 images of the experiments at the LHC. Today we we got a visit from Mike, the expert of a company where they make the large mesh cloths that you use to wrap buildings in. We walked around the block looking for good places to put the images. When Mike said they also did translucent stuff you could plaster over windows, I thought of doing one in the underpass beneath my room.

mock-up of the LHC tunnel with a quadrupole magnet; it would look nice with some lights behind it. Mike walking on the left; the woman with the red pants is Gabby, our science information officer.

Another one we thought of was on the head-side of the UvA Computer Science Faculty building. We would have to ask the UvA for permission, but the nice thing is that it is very visible from the road.

Computer Science Faculty with LHC tunnel mock-up

Going home through Oosterpark I saw a few very active football players. Lying all over the park were sun worshippers who were probably left behind because they worship the sun.

soccer in Oosterpark

It was almost 29°C / 84°F, and I nearly emptied the drinking fountain at the OLVG exit, which —Juf Jo will be pleased to hear— is repaired and not wobbly anymore. I got a chicken & noodles meal plus a rettich & rucola salad from AH. I had already seen today's epsiode of the Mythbusters, which is the reason why the blog is early today.


Juf Jo said...

Why don't professors look like professors anymore?

I've been to the Oosterpark as well, bloody awful.
Icky half naked people, junkies, drunks, noice.
I went back during the football game, it was lovely.
Talk of rapture... the park was deserted!

Nicole said...

I hope you made them cheer just that little bit extra while repeating to yourself "I am the greatest!".

Vincent said...

And what did Kees conquer exactly? :-)

Professors look a bit too young I think...

Kees said...

@juf Jo: They don't look like professors because we told them to put on Nikhef T-shirts. If you see them in the institute wearing a shirt and tie they're either a) appearing in court as a defendant or b) going to a PhD promotion ceremony ;-) We have casual dress all week.

@Nicole: I did shout 'louder!' at them...

@Vincent: I don't get the conquer question.

We have a lot of professors who are in their early 30s. In high-energy physics you usualy do your best work before you're 40, and some say even before you're 30.