Friday, 6 June 2008


I walked to Frankendael, where there were a few geese who thought they were storks. They'd made a nest on top of the old smoke stack of one of the demolished greenhouses.

Gorks? Steese?

I got the bus on the corner of Kruislaan. Looking at the building across the road made me think that I wouldn't like to live there. Too much traffic going past at all hours of the day. The apartments aren't cheap, either.

they must have good sound insulation

When I got to work I thought the rapture had finally happened and that while the LHC wasn't even switced on yet. Not a colleague in sight… It turned out that today was the annual sportsday at work and all had gone to the sports fields on the other side of the railway. Since I'm not a keen sportsman I didn't go, plus I thought I had a meeting that morning. That meeting turned out to be cancelled, too. I just sat there for a few hours, picking my nose and then decided enough was enough and headed out the door. I took the bus to Amstel Station and decided to walk along the Amstel.

The old Citroen car dealership now houses a restaurant.

I made a photo of Berlagebrug for nOZstalgia's sake.

looking towards the 'skyscraper'

There were people sitting on the benches along the Amstel everywhere.

not taken up by the rapture

I took one of the side streets back to the Wibautstraat and crossed the street to get behind the old Parool building. I wonder what they're going to use it for. I think it has been empty now for a few years.

Parool building

I walked back to Beukenplein and sat at the Maxwell terrace for a while (what's new?) Then home to a sandwich meal and an hour of Mythbusters. Walking home I saw another sign of the increased police presence in the 'hood. Great fun during the day, but the dealers come out at night and then you don't see any cops.

nice cart, but will it catch drugs dealers?

After Mythbusters I went back to Maxwell's, bringing the MacBook with me. I still had to write today's blog entry and I thought it'd be nicer on the terrace than in my stuffy living room. I was right, it was nicer, with a slight breeze that kept the warmth at bay. Lots of people on the terrace, including two lovely ladies, one of which took a photo of me in my new "I read your email" t-shirt. I returned the honour and she wanted to know what was going to happen with the photo. I told her I'd put it on my blog and she then asked me for the URL.

Hi! Nice to see you made it here! Please leave a message.

The staff at Maxwell's has got a new 'company uniform' since tonight. This afternoon Kimber was wearing her own clothes (and she looks damn good in them! Just see the last photo on the April 27 blog entry) and tonight she and her colleagues were all wearing I MXWLL shirts. Not an improvement for the girls… I can understand management wants the staff to be recognizable, but the long black aprons they all wear do the job eminently.

I MXWLL, I also Kimber


Nicole said...

It's nice to see the bridge and area along the Amstel! That restaurant, Dauphin (not sure of spelling) is another place I wanted to visit, but never made it.

I agree with you regarding the Maxwell t-shirts. I like a nice long apron, it looks more professional. I think these t-shirts look more like they belong on Leidseplein.

Vincent said...

I saw the "for nOZstalgia's sake" Kees ;-) Well, actually Nicole did first but I saw it too!

I like the new T-shirts. I also like this photo of Kimber better coz she looks drunk in the other one *grin*