Wednesday, 4 June 2008

real coke

I stayed home today tuesday; all the walking I had done in the last few days had taken its toll on my rotten ankle. Monday night I was eating ibuprofens like they were candy and it didn't help much. I was awake almost the whole night with pain in the ankle and instep. The only food I had in the house was some knackebrod and cheese, so that's what I had for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was the other half of last night's Thai meal. Later in the evening things started to normalize and I was a bit more mobile.

I will have to go and talk to my GP, since I've been having hypo-like symptoms: dizzy, hungry, sleepy and mood swings. I think that taking the diabetes drug and the walking and the diet are bringing my bloodsugar down too much. After all, at the last check-up in the hospital two weeks ago, both my before-food and my long-term sugar levels were in the normal range.

Tonight I had another dizzy spell. I decided to try an experiment: drinking a normal 'sugar' Coke. It worked, the dizzyness went away and I didn't feel as tired. I'm still hungry, though.


Nicole said...

I think you should always carry a candy around in your pocket, like barley-sugar, for the dizzy spells. I've seen people pass out due to this.

I hope you'll feel better soon. This type of thing sucks. It takes a while to find a good balance.

Nicole said...

I was just thinking... are you perhaps not eating regularly enough? Maybe you'll need more smaller meals a day, rather than the three.

Kees said...

I do carry dextrose tablets, but when you're getting a hypo you need to take more than six tablets and it takes a while before they start working. A 'sugar' Coke works a lot faster.

I'm eating clockwork regular. And the 'more smaller meals' theory doesn't seem to be correct according to the latest studies.

I think that maybe I need to stop the medication as it might not be needed anymore and might actually start to work against me. But that is for the GP to decide.

Juf Jo said...

All hail the holy black fluid called Saint Coca Cola!