Wednesday, 18 June 2008

sharpen your skates now!

Today (Tuesday) I walked to work through Jerusalem; not the city in the Middle-East, but the neighbourhood in the Watergraafsmeer. All streets here are named for scientists. Why they call it Jerusalem I don't know. It has that typical 1950s suburbian feel to it. Dead quiet, though.

Jerusalem, dead quiet

Another quiet place is the Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, the cemetary. The trees here are growing like mad. Must be all the nutrients in the soil…

Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, quiet dead

A dead quiet day at work, too. I walked home from work through Sumatrastraat and spied a hardware shop which hasn't understood yet that it is summer.

sharpen your skates

The Turkish side winning their matches in the European Football Championship had brought out the flags on Javastraat. In the photo you can count at least six flags and there were more behind me.


In the evening Jaap picked me up to go to the range in Hoofddorp.

motorway, dead quiet

I had arranged to meet Mic there. He's just bought a new camera and new lenses, and was selling his old 70-300mm. I bought it off of him. Nice piece of glass. At the range it was also dead quiet. A lot of people stayed away because Holland was playing footie tonight.

Mic, unshaven in a dead quiet canteen

Home early, and a full moon outside. When it passes my window I'll try to take a shot with the new 70-300mm. On my DSLR this lens works as a 450mm at maximum zoom, so maybe I'll get to see some craters.


Oscar said...

Sorry Kees, I just had to break the dead quiet comments list with a (near) dead comment. What are you shooting with on the range?

Kees said...

@Oscar: guns...

Nicole said...

I thought you were shooting with the Nikon.

Mic said...

Actually we were shooting drinks down at the near empty bar as hardly anyone was there (no television, no european cup). We were very good, none of us missed.