Sunday, 1 June 2008


I didn't leave the house until after 20:00 today, going to Nantko's and Marion's birthday party. I walked to the Weesperplein, and decided to walk along the Amstel. I turned onto Nieuwe Achtergracht.

Nieuwe Achtergracht; the tall gray building on the right is the back of Carré.

Turned right onto the Amstel and passed the locks.

Amstel locks.

I crossed the Magere brug (Skinny bridge) and walked along the other side of the Amstel.

Magere brug

I hadn't been to Mulligans in over a month; when I walked in Sean said "Welcome back."

Marion was already there. She got me a very nice Jameson 12 yr old and we sat down to wait for the rest of the crowd. They all showed up in due time and when Miriam came in she presented Nantko and Marion with the traditional Mulligans T-shirts

Marion likes the T-shirt

Nantko is blessing the card

Danny was there

as were Mick and Mickey, Dick and Anke

One of Marion's colleagues came after work and gave Marion a card with a whole herd of giraffes.

Marion is happy with her giraffes

Isabelle has been a Mulligans customer for almost 20 years. She lives around the corner from me and also drinks at Maxwell's every now and then. I don't think her's is a designer cleavage. According to Vincent she has a mandala cleavage.


I walked back through Utrechtsestraat and turned onto Sarphatistraat.

boulevard of broken dreams

I crossed the Hoge Sluis bridge, at which point it started to rain. I took the tram on Weesperplein since I didn't want to get drenched.

night life on the amstel

I got off the tram at the OLVG hospital and made it home just before the thunderstorm really broke.


Juf Jo said...

Good to hear peace has returned to the Amstel.
The thunderstorm is lovely at the moment.

And yes, as usual you walk trough streets I'd walked trough a few hours earlier.
I should make photo's too, then we can compare ;)

Vincent said...

That's fantastic news Kees. It was almost emotional reading that you've been back and that Sean said "Welcome back". That's more than you could have hoped for ;-)

It's fantastic to see all those people. Everybody looks very happy, awesome. Mickey has longer hair, I like it better this way, I'll write them an email I think.

This blog made me very happy :-)

Kees said...

@Jo: I'll show you mine if you show me yours :-)

@Vincent: Mickey's hair is longer and it looks very good on her. Do write them an email; today is their first wedding anniversary!

danny said...

Happy anniversary, Mick & Mick! You guys look as much in love as on your wedding day!

That thunderstorm had an impressive build-up: it was flashing and rumbling while I rode the bike to the ferry, it started to come down in big, soft droplets as I was waiting at the IJ, and it was coming down by the bucketload when I got off the ferry in Noord. Soaked to the skin by the time I got home, so I stripped in the hallway (al doors closed; sorry neighbour) to prevent my apartment from getting drenched as well.

Vincent said...

Btw: It's mandala cleavage :-)

Nicole said...

What fun to see everyone! They all look great. You always take wonderful pictures Kees!