Thursday, 26 June 2008

walking away from work

Adaptable as I am, I was in total denial this morning, just like our managers. So, instead of walking towards work I walked away from it. To the Amstel Station to be exact. I walked along Ringdijk (again!) but this time on the other side and into the other direction. You first have to descend some steps and then, when you are on terra firma, you have to climb up again to walk on top of the dike.

ringdijk looking west

At Amstel Station I took the #40 bus to work. I hadn't been here in a long time, and they had changed all the locations of the bus stops. It took me a while to locate the place where they had hidden my bus, but through sheer perseverance I did find it.

amstel station and rembrandt tower

As regular readers know, I am never bothered with work-related emails while I'm actually at work. People seem to prefer to wait until its my day off before demanding my undivided and immediate attention.

Monday and Tuesday I received a grand total of two work-related emails. Yesterday, my day off, I got twelve. Today I got two, both of which were 'thank you' emails for work done. I wonder how many I'll receive tomorrow, compared to the whole following weekend.

At least I had work to do today, sorting out the questions posed in yesterday's emails. After I got all that out of the way, I got on the phone to two companies who pretend to be able to deliver mobile ethernetworks. I had emailed them on Monday on the email address advertised on their websites: 'info@...' but hadn't gotten any reply. Both said they hadn't received the emails.

They both asked me to send the email again, but Company #1 was so smart to ask me what it was about, waited while I sent the email, saw it coming in and then emailed me to say it was received and would be handled by mr So-and-So. Company #2 said they always follow up on mails sent to the info account, but didn't even ask what my request was. Bad move. If you want to sell me something you've got to sound hungry. Company #1 made the right noises. It could get them a contract worth more than € 10.000 for a few days work.

#12 tram

After work I kept running away from it. I took the #40 bus back to Amstel Station and got on the #12 tram there. I left the tram at the corner of Ceintuurbaan and Fedinand Bolstraat. I was walking past the most dense concentration of computer shops in Amsterdam when I thought I was being attacked. I spied a guy in an agressive stance from the corner of my eye. I turned towards him and then realised it was a life-size dummy. The round glare you see in the photo is the reflection of my gun's laser pointer reflecting off of the dummy. Just joking!

agressive gamer

Ceintuurbaan has a break where the street is called Sarphatipark. Here I saw a very unappetising shop window. It's a violin repair shop. Everything in the window was dusty and layed out in such a way that it was obvious the owner wanted to show you how violins are made, but he missed the whole point. The way he layed it out made it look like a bunch of broken rubbish. A bit of cleaning and another way of showing his wares (display cards explaining what you see, a la museum info cards?) could make this an interesting display of violin construction and repair.

dusty rubbish

I thought of eating at the Indian Roti Room in Oosterparkstraat, but in the end walked on to Maxwell. The last time I had eaten there was with Danny, Marion and the rest of the crowd. This time I sat by my lonesome self and read the newspaper while munching away on a very decent sirloin steak with mushroom sauce, broccoli, string beans and roasted Roseval potatoes.

entrecôte aka sirloin steak


Nicole said...

Amstel is a nice train station, I like the main room inside with the historical murals either side. We used to be there a lot, catching the train to Alkmaar, Maastricht and just about anywhere else. It was really nice to avoid CS.

Vincent said...

That food looks really nice I must say.